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Does anyone else who tends to keep lists of Qs w/o deleting very many experience that the number of Qs stays at 1000 after a while?

Asked by anartist (14793points) April 1st, 2012

I even dumped a bunch but the number didn’t change.

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I’m don’t quite understand the question. What is staying at 1000? Is it “Activity for You”?

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Me neither – “Questions for You”?

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@Hawaii_Jake @janbb Look in the column to the right, just under “log out”

! Questions for you (1000 new)
Messages for you (0)
! Activity for you (1058 new)

[those were mu numbers, the second and third category change but the first does not.

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Mine is always changing depending on what I have read or deleted. It’s never gotten to 1,000.

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@janbb maybe 1000 is a cutoff.

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Mine does that too. I never look at it, but when I try deleting some, the number remains at 1000. My guess is either a glitch in the Matrix, or questions keep getting added in the list, but the number doesn’t go over 1000. So if you delete/check some out, the ones in queue must take the place of the deleted ones. And so forth, until you really have less than a thousand.

Reminds me of the overflow supreme death glitch in Final Fantasy VII…

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@anartist Sounds like you are right. If you don’t want them, do a Remove All and start from scratch. I’d be curious to see how long it takes to get to 1,000 again!

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i read EVERY question and have never gotten above 10 :D

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They have an algorithm for limiting the questions for you. It sounds like 1000 is the max. However they also delete questions each night, depending on how many answers a question has already received. They try to keep your new questions pile from growing too quickly.

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I have had 1000 Questions for You for over a year now. I haven’t deleted any Questions for You for at least 2 years.

I don’t care about deleting what I have because I never use Questions for You. I look at the current questions in General, Social and Meta when I want to answer a question.

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Several years ago there was a Q about how OCD-ish people were about keeping their Q For You lists updated and trimmed of excess.

At that time there was evidently no algorithm in place to auto delete with the total cap being 1000. John Powell posted an impressive looking screenshot of his totals (which were sky high and several thousand) along with stating that he never deleted any of them or even paid any attention to it at all.

I was inspired to do the same just to see how high a total I could get since I use the same approach as @jonsblond. But then at some point subsequent to that, I started noticing that the cutoff point was 1000. Too bad. That took all the fun out of it for those of us who ignore the Q For You list :)

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And my question envy is back. Mine still drop off every day later in the afternoon. If I don’t answer them, they disappear and I am only left with questions that don’t have many answers.

Obviously I am not one of Neptune’s favourites.

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This is a bad algorithm because it leaves out the best questions. We only get the questions no one likes. No wonder my questions have seemed so bad lately.

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