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Do your lurve points add up?

Asked by lilikoi (10079points) May 11th, 2010

There seems to be a significant discrepancy between the total points reported next to my screen name and the points that are listed under “See all your lurve” link. I think I’ve been noticing that the number next to my screen name does not always increment when a new line in the “lurve window thing” pops up. Has anyone else noticed this? Is it a bug?

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A single user can only award you a total of… um, well, I forget. 100 lurve?

Edit: Yeah, 100.

So that’s why you are getting GAs without lurve. Some people have maxed out on you.

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Even when you get Great Answers or Great Questions, they don’t always give you the lurve. If the person who awarded you the GA or GQ has already given you 100 lurve, then their GA’s and GQ’s to you won’t add to your lurve anymore, they’ll just make you feel all fuzzy inside because someone liked your answer/question. (:

@absalom beat me to it. :P

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Ohhhhhh! Hey I learned something new today, thanks!

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As @absalom and @mangeons mentions, you can only give each person 100 lurve.
But also, each individual response that you write has a maximum lurve value. After 5 GAs, you won’t gain any more lurve (regardless of whether or not the specific person has reached that 100 lurve cap).
There is a similar cap for questions, but I’m not sure what the maximum is.

but in other news, you do get lurve for visiting two days in a row, and for being added to somebody’s fluther. So it balances out a little bit.

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Who cares. :-)

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And here’s how you can test that. Look at someone’s number before you give them a GA. Then refresh the page. If that person’s lurve does not increase by 5, you’ve already maxed out on them. No matter how many times you GA them from now on, their score will never increase. (It’s actually a nice compliment to receive GAs from people who have no more points to give you.)

The thing about that per-comment max, though, is that if your first 5 GAs come from people who have already awarded you all they can, you’ll never get any points for that comment because after 5 they all count for zero.

This is why it’s not much use bothering about your points. You can’t manage or control them. They come when they come. They’re all positive.

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Yes, my lurve points and $2.50 will add up to a small to medium, but nice latte somewhere.

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Actually, it was more challenging when you all thought I was a douche. ;-)
Denying me my god given right to luvre.

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