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Is it normal to give your banking account information to programs like Medi-Cal?

Asked by whitecarnations (1635points) April 7th, 2012

My wife is trying to see if our newborn to be will be able to be qualified for Medi-Cal. They want our banking account number however. Is that normal? We are applying online by the way.

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They may be asking to have the ability to make electronic deposits.

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Yes, it’s normal. They want to verify your financial status.

Standard procedure when applying for medical/financial aid.

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Medical eligibility is based on your lack of financial ability to pay for your own care, therefore, they have a right to see how much money you have. I guess I’m repeating @FutureMemory.

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Of course it is. If you qualify they will check you account balance often. If your balance ever puts you over the assets limit you will be taken off of the program. Same with Medicaid.

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If they had solicited you, then no. But, since you emailed them, it will probably be okay and is just standard procedure.

If you have concerns, then make the call.

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Standard procedure It should be safe

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