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Do you lick the beaters when you make something sweet?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36683points) April 7th, 2012

I just made a no bake cheese cake for my niece for our family Easter dinner. She loves cheese cake a lot. I’m licking the beaters and remembering when I did it as a kid. Do you still enjoy simple pleasures like that?

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Of course! You can’t let that cake batter go to waste. Yum.

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Certainly. Also, cookie dough tastes a lot better than the baked cookies themselves. Just eat the dough, forget the baking. Salmonella be damned.

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I do. I did this today with the sugar cookie dough I made, though I had to share a beater with my daughter. <sigh<

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Hell yeah I lick the beaters! …And the spoons, and the bowls, and the rubber spatulas…

I just made two beautiful pineapple upside down cakes for our Easter dinner tomorrow, and it would be a crime to let all of that delicious batter go to waste!
I may have also scraped the bottoms of the pans after I turned them right side up…

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Not when I was a kid. My mom would do the opposite and beat the lickers when she made something sweet. ;-)

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Oh, I do! When I was a kid, that was the reward for Mummy’s Helper, so I helped as often as I could.

My own kids never seemed too interested in licking the beaters or the bowl (although they always loved to help with baking), so, oh dear, I guess I’ll have to do it myself.

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My mom used to let me do that when she made chocolate pudding. I don’t make many deserts though, but I’d probably lick those bitches clean if I did.

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I do! I do! Unless someone wants them more than I do, which is rare.

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I lick it all baby! ( the beaters, the bowl, the spoon, my fingers…)

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Of course. No way would I rinse away all of that goodness. Waste not, want not :)

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I want to. I don’t do it now if the eggs are not pasteurized. One of my favorite doughs/batters is chocolate chip cookie dough. I’d rather eat the dough than the cooked cookie.

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Oh yes! It’s a stolen treat that started when I was a child and I had to beat two sisters to the bowl, as it were. It just tastes so delicious, and in some cases, nicer than the finished product!

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How can you not??

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And in some cases the beaters, the bowl, and the spatulas go missing…

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I do and I did. Sometimes I will purposefully not scrape the bowl when putting the batter into the pan, so that I have more to lick!

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I’m no more tempted to lick the beaters than I am the fork I use to beat by eggs for scrambling.

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@tom_g I am assuming your mom never let you do it as a child?

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@tom_g You’re missing out man.

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I do. It’s the best part of making dessert foods in my opinion.

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I do lick, but only if no raw eggs are involved.
Mom never let us taste the batter if there were eggs in it. Cooked pudding or frosting that was fine. I still lick those things, the spoon, the spatula, the bowl, yum!

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@wilma You can use pasterized eggs. I think eggbeaters is pasteurized also, but then there is no yolk in the recipe.

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@JLeslie Salmonella isn’t magic. Just like any other germ, you can build resistance to it through exposure. You’ll probably get sick a few times, but if you’re blasé about kitchen hygeine, you’ll probably be exposed to enough salmonella to protect you. Evidence is that we have evolved to live in filth, and that a comfortable level of dirt and disregard will keep the immune system strong. In fact, eating earwax and snot, disgusting as it sounds, turns out to be a good way of getting killed microbes into your body, which will allow your body to manufacture the appropriate antibodies. (This is why children eat their snot and earwax instinctively, and it has to be socialized out of them.)

It’s impossible to get a decent Caesar salad anywhere in Ontario these days, because Big Brother decided to outlaw the use of raw eggs in restaurant food. Likewise, in order to get good cheese curds one has to cross the border to Quebec, where dépanneurs still sell it unrefrigerated, out on the counter; Ontario made it a crime not to refrigerate curds. Refrigerating curds causes a chemical change which alters the taste and eliminates the trademark squeak when you bite them.

So assuming you don’t have an impaired immune system (HIV-positive, organ transplant, etc.), go ahead and lick the batter from the spoon. You might get sick a couple of times, but it won’t kill you, and eventually you won’t need to worry at all.

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@SmashTheState I am not obsessed with things being dirt free, but I am careful about cross contamination in the kitchen and possible food poisoning. I was just pointing out to my husband the other day as we walked out of the grocery store how we never have stomach upset. Almost never. Neither of us have ever thrown up the 21 years we have been married, maybe we had diarrhea a few times in that time, but literally we can go years with nothing of the sort. It came up because the idiot bagger at the grocery store did what they do all too often do, put the deli meat with the raw meat! It drives me crazy. This is why the statistic 1 in 4 people have some form of food poising each year is true in my opinion. People aren’t careful enough. Chances of salmonella poisoning is fairly low in America, so people eat raw egg all the time with no trouble, but when it happens it sucks. E. Coli is more of a risk of course, more likely to cause serious illness or death.

I have never heard of building resistance to salmonella, maybe it is so, I don’t know. That is not something I want to risk. Certainly it is true that some people have better resistance than others, we are all individual, have different mixes of good bacterias and immune systems. Children and older adults are most at risk, which makes me think it has more to do with immune system than exposure to the bacteria. In fact, I can’t think of any bacterial infection that causes immunity like viruses do?

Ontario could easily serve real caesar dressings if they used pasteurized eggs. I think the moderate establishments would not bother to make the real deal anyway. The better establishments can pay the $2 more per dozen. A restaurant has to be stricter than a household, because when their batch of Hollandaise is tainted that could be 50 people sick.

Generally people I know who are less careful about germs are sick more often. All kinds of sick. Colds, stomach, flu, etc.

If you want to risk it go ahead. Me, my one phobia is vomiting, so I do whatever possible to stay away from that possibility. Plus, I am not a risk taker. I was just in a horrible accident because the driver of the golf cart I was in thought it would be fine to go racing fast down a hill. I would NEVER have taken that risk. My girlfriend who was on the back wound up in ICU with a subdural hematoma having been thrown off the back at such a high speed when we crashed, I am still healing myself. They tell me it will be at least two months for me to mend if nothing is seriously damaged. You go ahead and take the risks you want to take, I prefer not to. And, I prefer the restaurants and government make sure when I eat out it is within strict guidelines for food safety. You can do what you want at your house, but I won’t be eating raw egg when you have me over to visit.

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“The old and infirm and the timid, of whatever age or sex, thought most of sickness, and sudden accident and death; to them life seemed full of danger – what danger is there if you don’t think of any? – and they thought that a prudent man would carefully select the safest position, where Dr. B. might be on hand at a moment’s warning. To them the village was literally a community, a league for mutual defence, and you would suppose that they would not go a-huckleberrying without a medicine chest. The amount of it is, if a man is alive, there is always danger that he may die, though the danger must be allowed to be less in proportion as he is dead-and-alive to begin with. A man sits as many risks as he runs.” – Thoreau, Walden

@JLeslie Indeed you are free to eat what you want the way you want, and this is why I object to Big Brother telling me I can’t eat steak tartare, Caesar salad, or proper cheese curds. Shouldn’t the choice be mine? If I want to risk it, why should the State forbid me from eating as I please?

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I have been known to get meals out of the trash. Haven’t gotten sick yet.

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@SmashTheState How is the government stopping you in your own home? You can have steak tartar in restaurants too. They sear the steak, cut away the sear, and serve the raw meat.

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@FluffyChicken It isn’t likely you will get sick.

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Nope. It sure isn’t. Especially considering the frequency with which most cities empty their public trash cans.

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@FluffyChicken And, how often are you eating raw eggs and undercooked chicken from those waste pails?

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Totally. I never got to do it as a kid.

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Nope, that duty always goes to my Dad. But it sure was fun to get to do that when I was little. : P

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Hollandaise sauce has raw eggs in it. I love me some hollandaise sauce.

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@FluffyChicken And, you are eating it out of a garbage pail?

The temp of Hollandaise is right near the temperature of what kills salmonella anyway, so a lot of the bacteria if present could be reduced in great numbers. Especially if it is eaten right away it is not likely to harm anyone. Over time, if there are some bacterias left, the numbers would begin to grow again. That is, assuming it was heated to recommended temperatures.

Caesar dressing however typically does have raw egg, or only very slightly warmed egg, if it has egg. There are recipes that don’t use egg.

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Follow up: She loved the cheesecake. She took the last two pieces home with her. Always lick the beaters. Life’s too short.

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No. . . No one throws out hollandaise sauce lol.

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@FluffyChicken I didn’t realize there is a multistate salmonella outbreak right now. Been going on the last few days, suspect is Sushi. Over 100 people sick (which is probably underreported) and 10 hospitalized. You want to tell me they all had co promised immune systems? I doubt it. If it had been cooked they would not have had a problem. But, obviously sushi is usually fine when handled correctly. I don’t know how this fish is getting infected.

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1.42857143 × 10^-6 % of humans. tragic

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@ragingloli I don’t know how many people ate the sushi, the world population does not matter. I realize it is probably still a small percentage who became sick, but it is bad enough that our health officials find it significant and are investigating it.

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As far as Caesar dressing, a lot of it is bottled (i.e. processed) and so therefore not made with raw eggs. Not saying all restaurants use bottled Caesar, but I bet a lot do.

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Always, as well as the leftovers in the mixing bowl. Can’t waste food now.

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Now I want to make cake.

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Thanks guys for all your excellent answers. The cheesecake, was excellent, white chocolate amaretto, even my 13 month old nephew loved it. The memories were nicer.

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Nooooooooo!!!! Not the sushi!!!

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Do I make something sweet just to lick the beaters?
Most definitely : )

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If it doesn’t contain egg I do. Not with raw egg.

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I have always thought you had to!

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