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Are you pro-Peeps or anti-Peeps?

Asked by jca (36043points) April 8th, 2012

Do you like Peeps?

Are you pro-Peeps or anti-Peeps?

It seems some people love them and some hate them, and some love them when they leave them out to get hard and stale.

I love Peeps, and can eat a strip of 5 at once.

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I think they’re cute, but I don’t eat them.

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I am not a fan, but my step-father can’t get enough and he loves them hard as well

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I thought “peep” was a stupid slang word for people.

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What are peeps? (I thought so too @FutureMemory. Had no idea @jca was a cannibal or that people went stale if you left them out).

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@Bellatrix Here you go! And here’s a bit of silliness.

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@Bellatrix Oh, I knew that people went stale if left out :)

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What is wrong with proper chocolate easter eggs or chocolate easter rabbits?

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Anti peeps.

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There is no flavor (I just tried one). Is the appeal just a texture thing? I don’t get it. In place of flavor is just pure pain of sweetness, along with essence of plastic.

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I am Neutral Peeps or, Ignorant Peeps.

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I’m anti anything that looks like non-food but is sold as food!

Not my thing…

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People who leave peeps out to get stale are hardcore in the “Love Peeps” camp. We do this because the sugar on the outside gets crunchy and that’s a big part of the experience.

Last night we went to a peep fest where we roasted peeps over an open fire and made Easter smores.

cookieman's avatar

I am Peepnostic.

tedibear's avatar

I like them, but I’ve yet to meet a marshmallow that I didn’t like. @keobooks – That sounds like fun!

Tropical_Willie's avatar

I hear they’re GREAT if you put them in the microwave for 10 seconds ! !

Trillian's avatar

Peeps are pointless and I don’t like them.

Michael_Huntington's avatar

I have taste buds.
Take a guess.

Jude's avatar

They taste awful.

wilma's avatar

I love Peeps!

john65pennington's avatar

I am a Peeple Person.

marinelife's avatar

I do not like the taste of them.

GoldieAV16's avatar

I might be the only person I know who has never tried one. The colors are just so…unnatural.

wilma's avatar

@GoldieAV16 I only like the yellow kind. I think I can taste the dye in the pink, blue and purple. It’s bitter and icky tasting but I don’t notice it with the yellow.

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I do not like Peeps, and I consistently give mine away to those in my life who inexplicably love them. It’s totally worth it, though, because the people who like them just seem so happy to get extra Peeps.

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Gritty marshmallows don’t appeal to me. And eating baby chicks. I’m anti, but Happy Easter!

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Fuck Peeps!

they know why. stoopid peeps . . .

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well, I have always enjoyed peep shows….

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Never heard of those before. They look like chicken fetuses.

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Never had one (they’re not sold in the UK, as far as I know). I’m sure I won’t like them (sweet and artificial).

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Pro-peeps, but..they must be “aged” for a few days so they are at their perfection of their staleness. Stale peeps are best. Actually I haven’t had any Peeps this year, but I did make a mile high strawberry shortcake last night, maybe I should decorate it with Peeps. ;-)

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I don’t like them. Marshmallow covered in anything is gross to me. The rest of my family loves them, though. At least Peeps are cute!

Fly's avatar

I can appreciate a good Peep on Easter…I would never turn down a marshmallow, especially not when they’re this cute! I’m not a hardcore fan by any means, but they are definitely better when they’ve been aged a day or two!

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I’ve never had a Peeps. I had to look it up as I wasn’t sure what they were. I don’t eat marshmallow because of the gelatin.

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Peeps have become so popular that there’s a Mall of America store devoted to Peeps and Mike N Ikes. There, you can get chocolate covered Peeps as well as gourmet flavored Peeps along with hundreds of Peeps merchandise.

Now, that’s an overkill. Microwaved Peeps are good enough for me—if nothing else, for the entertainment value!

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I like Peeps, and am a believer in letting them get stale.

Unless I decide to to give them toothpick swords and have them duel in the microwave of course.

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What happens to Peeps in the microwave? Do they puff up or explode?

amujinx's avatar

@Coloma They puff a little, but they hop around. If you give them toothpick swords and microwave them for 10 seconds, they hop around and look like they are sword fighting.

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Sounds amusing, especially if one has had a happy brownie. lol

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I too fall into the category that assumed peeps was slang for people.

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Here’s what happens to Peeps in the microwave.

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I freaking love peeps!!!!! With a fiery passion in the very depths of my soul.

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I haven’t had them in years. I don’t remember what they taste like.

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I actually hate marshmallows, and the sugar on Peeps hurt my teeth.
I still try one every year though… Just to remind myself why I hate them.

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I used to like ‘em long ago. But they’re (almost universally) not vegetarian so I won’t anymore.
Besides that there’s a huge amount of sugar in them and I just really don’t have a sweet tooth.

However I think some of the sculptures and vignettes people make with them are fantastic!

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I only like marshmallows in their natural state, and do not believe in the sacrilegious “peeps” of which you speak.

I guess that makes me an apeepist.

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Put me in the “peeps are nasty!” column. They are adorable to look at, but I’ll eat them under protest only!

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@GracieT, you’ve been force-fed Peeps? What unspeakable sort of mistreatment is this?

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I am not a big fan or marshmallow in general. Peeps are cloyingly sweet to me.

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@Jeruba, my husband loves them. I hadn’t ever eaten them before him, and to “placate” him I consumed one. Not liking marshmallow I ate one
just because he insisted. (Try one, you’ll love it!) He was incorrect- I didn’t!

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No Peeps for me. I’d rather eat candy corn.

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@jonsblond . . . candy corn is peep shit . . .

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@Blondesjon Oooh, candy corn is good too

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Racine Museum of Art Peep Exhibition, woohoo !

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@dabbler THAT IS AMAZING!!!!

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