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Have you used silicone ear putty before? Was it effective at blocking out noise?

Asked by wallabies (1081points) April 8th, 2012

I just bought some “silicone ear putty”. They are like drops of silicone putty that you mold to the external ear to keep water out of the ear canal and block out noise. I am really looking to just block out noise. I followed the instructions the best I can and they aren’t really blocking out much. I had some foam ear plugs earlier and they were crap. I’ve had better foam ear plugs in the past… Have you tried both? Is there a way to make the ear putty work well or am I better off with good (3M) foam plugs?

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I have used them, when I was very young (had tubes in my ears, and had to keep them dry), but they were professionally made by my ear doctor. I remember them doing a decent job of keeping water out of my ears, and making sounds somewhat muffled. I could still hear them, though. Have you tried noise cancelling headphones?

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@augustlan Yes, that’s what I really need I think….

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I used the silicone years ago for water, and I don’t remember if it blocked noise well? But, what I will offer is I am at the race track (cars) all the time, and everyone uses foam and/or noise protectors that look like headphones. I assume it is one of two reasons, either the silicone is not as effective, or possibly because the foam is more convenient. When flying military in planes without noise insulation we were always given ear foam.

Let me know how it works if you don’t mind, I might buy it for the track if you find it better than the foam.

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@wallabies By the way, welcome to fluther!

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I used it to block out noise from rock bands. It works well but it is awfully messy to work with.

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I would never put the putty in my ears. It can be dangerous.

I agree with Augustian, buy the headphones, instead.

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It is hard to keep clean. The foam ones are disposable and cheap.

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I found the best thing to use was wax ear plugs. The ones I use go by the name of Delbar. They are quite large and squish into your ear and do blog out noise. Foam plugs are useless. The silicone ones are not that great, and a piece broke and got lodged into my ear which had to be removed so I dont use those anymore.

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Yes, I use them all the time at concerts. I like them better than those squishy foam earplugs, which always feel icky in my ear and tend to pop out. The silicone ones are easier to form to your ear opening and they stay in place better, also, you only put them at the ear opening, whereas the foam ones kind of have to go into the orifice. The sound blocking is better with the silicone ones too.

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I routinely use them when I fly. Also when I operate power saws or other noisy equipment. I find them much more effective than rubber plugs, which tend to fall out of my ear canals. The silicone, however, is usually only good for one or two uses & they get dirty (and less sticky) with moderate handling.

I buy them at the drugstore in boxes of 12, so they are essentially disposable. After pushing them into my ears I open & close my jaws a few times while pressing my fingers against the plugs, making a tighter seal. I’ve never had any ear problems resulting from their use.

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I have used it over ear buds to make isolation earphones. Works great and if you find small enough buds, you can mold it flat to the point you can sleep with them in and not destroy your ears.

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