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What new phrases have you heard recently?

Asked by picante (11492points) April 11th, 2012

Chatting with a colleague at lunch, I was lamenting that my underarms are the new favorite spot for fat cell collection. This has only begun to happen in the last couple of years. She responded that the phenomenon is common with aging women. So common, in fact, that it has a name—“bingo wings.” I was both amused and horrified. ;-)

Is there a new word or phrase that you’ve recently learned?

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“Bingo Wings” is certainly one I’ve recently learned.

I recently heard “Scrilla” used to describe a cigarette and a lighter.. even though urban dictionary disagrees. As in: “Hey man, let me get a scrilla”.

Yesterday I heard that “Spligits” refers to a certain type of STD. Which one, I have yet to figure out.

Sometimes I think people just make stuff up.

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^^ “Spligits” sounds like shizzle to me ;-)

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‘From clogs to clogs in three generations’. As it implies, a poor generation is back to being poor after two generations of upward prosperity. Feels like two generations in my own case!

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I started reading The Tropic of Cancer this week and was compelled to start a vocabulary list for it’s sexy, sexy words.



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I’m too busy laughing at “bingo wings” to think of any!

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Bingo wings?? Jesus H Christ lmao. I’m not getting those

@fundevogel Crepuscular is awesome. Every vampire story should have that word in it. I only know what that means because of the French word crépuscule

I haven’t learned anything new, because Berserker don’t learn. But I’ll always love ’‘defenestrate’’. It’s so epic having such a big word that just means throwing something through a window.

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The newest I’ve heard recently is “global weirding” which is an informal reference to extreme and unpredictable weather phenomena.

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@Plucky That’s pretty good. ...and true, too.

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When I last saw my nephew and complimented him on his neatly trimmed hair on the back of his neck, he said, “Thanks! A couple of us guys cleaned our kitchens last night.” I just looked up “clean the kitchen” on the Online Slang Dictionary site, and sure enough, it is slang for cutting one’s neck hair.

Unfortunately, there is another meaning associated with it that has to do with a sexual act. As soon as I stop laughing, I’ll have to give the nephew a heads up. It puts a whole new spin on his comment.

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@Pied_Pfeffer Just looked it up. Oh my!

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