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For which stereotypical character would you be cast?

Asked by rebbel (31549points) April 11th, 2012

Suppose that you were registered at a casting agency; the employees are browsing through their client’s portfolios and your face comes along.
For which stereotypical character/nationality/profession/etc. would they cast you?

For me: I have heard it so many times now (mainly online) that I am certain to say that I would be cast as a biker or a pirate :-).

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Mental ward patient that wanders around aimlessly with a faraway look in her eye.

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Professor (probably of a foreign language)
Lonely, aging screenwriter who vicariously enjoys romantic relationships via her characters
Fashion merchandiser

(not necessarily in that order)

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Barefoot and pregnant soccer mom.

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The tech nerd that enhances an image to help the rugged hero find the evil antagonist. Watch as I pound away at keys and slide in my chair from the computer to the printer.

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The loyal, quirky sidekick friend that leads the main character to the solution to her problem at the end.

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I actually went through a process thinking I might want to get serious about acting. I had a great photographer who was better than a therapist. Before we took pictures we spent an hour figuring out what I would most likely be cast as. We did two sets of headshots.
One was as the happy housewife girl next door, and the other was as a battered wife/ serial killer.
I actually got roles with the serial killer pictures.

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@chyna Don’t forget the random blood curdling scream so orderlies can restrain you.

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Monster fodder. The lackluster schmuck who doesn’t get away.

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The Snow Queen, Ice Queen or the White Witch.

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The one on the right.

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Viking berserker.

To be fair, though, I do look like this.

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@SavoirFaire Viking berserkers usually went into battle wearing only blue paint. It was the new recruits that wore armor and hides.

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I am MacGyver.
Does anyone have a toothpick, a rubber band, a can of coke, and a bottle of tincture of iodine?

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@WestRiverrat and @SavoirFaire I think we three could star in a new blockbuster: Vikings :-)

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@WestRiverrat I know. I meant that I look like the guy under the armor. I don’t go around wearing a helmet and carrying a spear, after all.

@rebbel Anytime, man!

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@rebbel Add @LuckyGuy and you’ll have a super-blockbuster :D

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High functioning sociopath with nasty facial scars.

Bent's avatar

The token disabled person for that non-speaking role in the background somewhere.

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@linguaphile He needs to grow a beard first :-) (or do you mean he can repair our ship?)

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With a calm expression on my face, I would likely be cast as the suburban mom who secretly writes erotica and has lusty fantasies of being kidnapped for the purposes of sex with a lonely, yet kind man.

With a pissed off expression on my face, I would likely be cast as the suburban mom who discovers her daughters have been taken advantage of or killed, and goes apeshit, stalking the perp. You know, kind of like that movie “An Eye for an Eye”.

I think I could also pass for a cynical assassin, when I get a certain gleam in my eye.

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I could also be the female version of this.

SavoirFaire's avatar

@rebbel I expect he’d be the one who saves all of our asses when we get ourselves into trouble. That’s a skill worth waiving the beard requirement for!

ucme's avatar

Dirk Diggler.

WillWorkForChocolate's avatar

So, I can’t find a youtube clip of When Sally Field gets her revenge, but I would also say I would behve like Samuel L. Jackson’s character in A Time to Kill.

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An awkward, female nerd.

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Believe it or not, I am a dead ringer for Marilyn Monroe!

So yes, you can count me in the nerd stereotype.

Somehow, don’t ask me how, this answer found its way in through the Orange Tree. [shrugs shoulders]

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dammit, I wanted to be a Viking berserker.

I’m fine with being a random victim in a cheesy slasher flick. Or zombie food.

wundayatta's avatar

@Symbeline If you’re zombie food, I want to be the zombie feeding on you.

Can nerds that look like Marilyn Monroe do that? Inquiring minds want to know.

Berserker's avatar

They can. Zombies that are nerds who look like Marilyn Monroe eating guts isn’t a movie, but it should be. closest I can think of is Zombie Strippers

wundayatta's avatar

Oh good. I was going to suggest I could look like Marilyn Manson instead, but I’m glad I don’t have to do that.

I think we have enough to start a script with. Tally-ho!

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I think probably a Jewish, also could pass for Italian, mom. I think I would look right for a bunch of different professions. Doctor, lawyer, assistant, retail, restaurant, pretty much I think almost anyone can be almost anything.

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Probably the gifted psych ward patient sitting in the corner watching all of you.

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The amazingly well-hung white guy with the Finnish accent.

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Here is the photo shoot that I mentioned above, casting me from scary to sweet.

Berserker's avatar

@wundayatta You can set yourself up as Marilyn Manson if we ever need to make some cheesy, stereotypical vampire movie. ^^

augustlan's avatar

Mom. Or dominatrix. Take your pick.

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Mafia Hitman.

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@rebbel I guess I could be in your biker movie too, but you would have to let me have a Classic Indian Chief with the suicide shifter with the flying tiger paint design.

Facade's avatar

The black girl

tranquilsea's avatar

A librarian or the geeky female researcher.

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Miss Marple.

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A bookish teen who is probably shy. I am no longer a teenager, but when I went to vote the other day the person at the ledger asked, “Are you even old enough to vote?” so… yeah.

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The lawyer who has become disheartened.

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Hmm, so far we have:

One biker/pirate – possibly two bikers.
Two psych ward patients – one gifted and the other wandering aimlessly.
One professor/aging cougar/fashion merchandiser.
One barefoot pregnant soccer mom.
A tech nerd, awkward nerd and a shy nerd.
The token disabled person.
The token black female.
A Viking berserker.
One female Clint Eastwood.
One female Samuel L. Jackson/Sally Fields.
Dirk Diggler.
Marilyn Monroe.
One Jewish/Italian “jack of all trades” mom.
Monster fodder.
A happy battered wife/serial killer neighbour.
Some type of frozen queen/witch.
A well-hung Finnish man.
One geeky librarian.
Miss Marple.
One mom/dominatrix.
One zombie killer.
Zombie food.
A lusty vengeful suburban mom who doubles as an assassin.
One Mafia hit man.
A woman who can go from scary to sweet in the blink of an eye.
A scarred up high functioning socio-path.
One quirky loyal sidekick.
One disheartened lawyer.

I hope I got everyone…what shall we call this awesome blockbuster?

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@Plucky One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest: The Prequel?

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I could play a stereotypical short Italian mom…I could see getting a role as a Jewish mom, a Russian mom or any other ‘short’ woman role.

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@Plucky Not sure what we should call it but if everyone here would place whatever is in their right hand pants pocket on the table now I will make a small missile that will take down the North Korean rocket.

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@LuckyGuy I have pocket fuzz, an elastic hair band and a paper clip. That’s a really good start for you.

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@LuckyGuy It’s your lucky day: my iPod will probably become the missile’s guidance system (or whatever—you’re the engineer).

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@LuckyGuy I have three .22LR shells, a Derringer in .44 Spcl. and a dime.

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A Kleenex, a hair elastic, a cat claw, and some lint.

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I have a lighter. Ignition is on.

WillWorkForChocolate's avatar

I’m wearing my giant, fluffy robe, and in my pockets are:

a cigarette lighter
my iPod and earbuds
1 jolly rancher
a hair scrunchie
chap stick
nail clippers

Plucky's avatar

I have no pockets at the moment (sweats and a t-shirt) :P

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Open the nail clippers, stretch the hair elastic across like a slingshot. Bunch the three .22 shells two up one down and jam them into the chap stick tube. Attach the lighter to the chapstick tube with the paper clip. Take the iPod and find the Audacity app. Generate the acoustic freq….
Oooppps! It blew up already. Let’s forget about this. Pretend it never happened….

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