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Is this not the best cover song, yet? (see inside).

Asked by john65pennington (29240points) April 11th, 2012

Most of the cover songs I have heard so far are just stabs at the original song and most never reach or exceed my expectations of a great remake. I have just found the exception. I ran across this artist and her video by mistake, as I was looking for something else. Her voice was like a magnet and would not let me exit her singing. Chills came over me. The expressions on her face are so cute and the cover song she is recording is one of my favorites. She doesn’t let her oral braces stand in her way.

Question: are you willing to give a listen and be glued to your pc screen for the next 3 minutes?

So Young by Kayla Starr. It’s better than the original recording, by The Students.

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I would say any cover that I like and hate the original would be in the running for best cover. Look at Me Now covered by Karmin

You can’t have a best cover ever list without an Elvis cover either.

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That’s a fantastic cover.

I also like Tom Waits covering Downtown Train.

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Talking about Elvis covers…....>>>

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Nope darlin, this is the best cover song. =0) I really LOVE the video itself, also.

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Annie Lennox did a terrific cover of the Clash’s Train In Vain.
Also, remember that I Heard It Through The Grapevine by Marvin Gaye was a cover of Gladys Night and the Pips.

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And the song most often linked with Whitney Houston, was written by and originally recorded by Dolly Patton. Thats the one I consider best cover EVER. (As well as most profitable :)





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This cover of a Smashing Pumpkins song is my new favorite cover.

The song is Disarm by The Civil Wars.

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@Buttonstc, your links aren’t going to the songs.

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The Civil Wars sings Billy Jean better than Michael Jackson.

I’ve found my new favorite band.

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Sorry, I have to disagree @john65pennington.

My vote for absolute best cover song of all time is Stevie Wonder’s version the Beatle’s We Can Work it Out.

My vote for second best cover ever is Shawn Colvin’s cover of the Talking Head’s Naive Melody

I don’t have a third place contender, right the top of my head right now.

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O.K. a third one might be Shawn Colvin’s cover of The Band’s Twilight. I just love The Band, but Shawn’s version just breaks my heart every time and it is a song that should break your heart every time. You all decide, or not. I am forever posting music everywhere.

The Band Twilight

An early, alternative version of Twilight

Shawn Colvin Twilight

All versions are just different, maybe they shouldn’t be compared.

I love The Band and I love Shawn Colvin. How can I decide?

And don’t worry, I’m not working on a top ten list of best cover songs ever. I’m done now. :-)

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@jonsblond You’re so right about the Civil Wars. One of my best friends found them and made me look… last year I think. I love them. My favorite song of theirs is Poison and Wine.

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I just tried both links with two separate browsers and they all worked fine. Could it be something about your system?


Has anyone else had difficulty with those links? Anybody willing to give it a try?

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“Has anyone else had difficulty with those links? Anybody willing to give it a try?”

I have.

They both take me to a page with a “Mobile|Desktop” heading, and a “YouTube – Broadcast Yourself” Firefox tab.

Did you use an iPhone to access and post those links?

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@Jeruba and @Brian1946… I’m also having trouble with @Buttonstc‘s links, at least on my Mac, using Safari. I will try Firefox and see if I have better luck.

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I was using my Android tablet which I thought had been set to Desktop by default. However, upon checking my settings I realized that was not the case. Ive now changed it to Desktop mode so it should be fine.

The two links posted above were copy/pasted directly from the Google search page rather than from the address bar of YouTube. There is a significant difference in the one for Dolly but the one for Whitney appears to be the same.

Could you tell me what your results are now for each. It would help me to get a better handle on how this tablet is doing things.

I have been assuming that if I change the display setting to Desktop rather than Tablet that I would NOT be getting the mobile version of any site. If thats not the case, then I want to find out what it is that overrides that setting (apparently)

It does concern me that the URL for the Whitney clip did not change.

Thanks for your help with this.

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The link to Dolly Parton’s version of her song I Will Always Love You works for me now but the link to Whitney Houston’s version still doesn’t work for me.

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Could you tell me what does happen when you click on the one for Whitney?

This is so puzzling to me since I c/p it directly from the search result on Google rather than clicking on the link itself.

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When I click on the Whitney link it takes me to this

That’s a screen capture of what happens.

That’s generally what happened with both links for me last night. Tonight it’s just the Whitney link. Dolly’s is o.k. now.

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I’m getting the same results as @lillycoyote.


On both of your Whitney links, “m.” and ”#/” have been inserted into the You Tube address. If I delete those characters, I get the following address: http:/ , which I think takes me to the video that you’re trying to link.

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Edit timed out.

Please disregard the YouTube address in the last sentence of my previous post.


Your revised Whitney address:

What I think is the address for the link you’re trying to post:

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I got the from the YouTube address bar.

What link do you get with your Android if you copy the Whitney address from the YT address bar?

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My guess is the Google page address that you posted is for the mobile web (that’s my supposition based on your Whitney address having an “m” instead of a “www”).

When a desktop computer tries to follow that link, it gets the “Desktop|Mobile” option page, whereas a mobile device goes to the video itself.

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Further attempt at analysis:

I think your mobile sends a packet (an identifying data stream) that specifically says “Desktop”, which takes it to the video.

However, I think most desktops don’t have bits in their transmitted packets that specify “Desktop”, because Desktop is the only mode in which they send packets. Because the mobile web in this case doesn’t see that specific bit of info coming from a desktop, it sends the desktop packet to a page asking it to specify Desktop.

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“However, I think most desktops don’t have bits in their transmitted packets that specify ‘Desktop’, because Desktop is the only mode in which they send packets.”

Before the advent of mobile < > web communications, I think internet communications were assumed to be computer < > web, so apparently the architects of the WWW communication systems felt there was no need to specify that the packet was coming from a computer, which is why desktop computers don’t have that specific info in their transmitted packets.

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