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Will these two plants cross breed?

Asked by livingchoice (553points) April 12th, 2012

I accidently ordered two different types of corn. One is Golden Cross Bantam and the other is Golden Bantam 8 Row. Will these two corn varieties cross breed if I plant them too close together? If they will I be able to re-plant the seeds next year? If not how do I prevent them from crossing?

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It depends on how they have been hybridized. Some species of plants are engineered not to reporduce in order to make you buy the seed the second year.

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Please note that you must separate (by at least 100 feet) or stagger plantings (to make sure their maturity days are at least 7 days apart) different varieties and types of corn since they will cross pollinate.


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It’s pretty likely that they will. All corn varieties are the same species, so they interbreed readily. You could likely still replant them next year, but the results may not be like the parent plants.

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