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The cold weather is on its way, any advice on how to prevent dry skin?

Asked by Shippy (9889points) April 15th, 2012

Do you find more expensive creams work better? I use almond oil or bio oil on my face. Sometime I mix with an essential oil. What do you find works really well on dry skin, both on your body and your face.

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Take warm, but not hot showers, and not too often. Use lotion on your hands frequently (I use cheap lotion: Lubriderm’s fragrance-free). Don’t use anti-bacterial soap. Getting a humidifier might help, too.

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I use raw shea butter. Works like a charm.

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Cold weather? It is spring heading to summer (here in the northern hemisphere).

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It’s heading to winter in the southern hemisphere.

Shippy, a bath with a little olive oil in it is good for your skin. Apply moisturiser while your skin is still warm from a shower or bath.

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Try doing it from the inside out. Fish oil capsules work good for me.

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I have used spa gloves. You coat them with you favorite skin moisturizer and wear them to bed.

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I have very dry skin too and if you can find this stuff, Twin LabsNa-PCA, I highly recommend it. It come in a formulation with Aloe Vera in it but I usually use the regular one. You just spray it lightly on your skin and then use a moisturizer over it. It works like a charm. I also only use Aveeno moisturizer. I have tried them all because my skin is so dry sometimes I can’t even stand being inside of it. Aveeno is the only moisturizer that doesn’t make my skin worse, either more dry or splotchy because my skin is sensitive.

That’s what works for me. I’ve been using both products for years and years.

But, I guess everyone has their own regime, their own preferences and will have their own recommendations. I would at least try the Twin Labs stuff once to see if it works for you. I can’t say enough good things about it. You can use it on your hair too. It is moisturizing and tames the frizzies. Just spray it on your hair lightly, not too much, or it will make your hair look like you haven’t washed it in weeks.

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Eucerin has a very moisturing lotion, dermatologist recommend it.

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If the typical methods (lotion, showering often, etc.) don’t work, Vaseline is good on dry skin spots. And if that doesn’t work, I’ve never seen a case of dry skin (bad or worse) that olive oil didn’t cure. My little sister has REALLY bad eczema on her face and her bum since she was a baby and olive oil gets rid of it in days, where as no cream or lotion we tried before would make it go away completely. It sounds weird, but olive oil really works!

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Make an olive oil and salt scrub concoction and go to town in the shower. It makes you practically waterproof, gets rid of all the dry skin you might have, and leaves you so soft!! I reccommend everyone do it but especially in the cold and dry weather.

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I live in a very dry area. I’ve always found that using the cheapest moisturizer directly after a shower works just fine.

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