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In observation of the last day to file your taxes (in the U.S.) do you wait until the last day to file?

Asked by chyna (42210points) April 17th, 2012

If so, is it because you owe or is it just because you can or is it another reason?

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I file when ever I want to, because the IRS always owes me money, so I usually file in the autumn sometime. I just filed my 2010 taxes about three months ago (in other words, early 2012).

When the IRS owes you money, it’s a little known fact that they don’t care when you file.

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I hit the “Submit Return” button on TurboTax last night around 9:00 PM.
I figure it is not worth looking at it before 3/15 since there are so many changes to the software and I don’t have all the forms. I start seriously thinking about working on it around April 1. Then I procrastinate, or let work delay me, or poke around fluther, or I feed the neighborhood critters, or clean the rain gutters or…. until a few days before the deadline.
Even with all the screwing around, I always get it in on time. Magic.

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Ideally, I would wait as long as possible to file as ideally, I would fine tune my tax planning (exemptions for example) to owe as much as possible to the government without incurring penalties. It basically means I take out an interest free loan as long as possible.

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I thought I had hit the “Submit Return” button on Turbo Tax a month ago. I hadn’t received my return as of last Wednesday so I went out to look and saw that I hadn’t hit the Submit button. Glad I looked.

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Heading to the post office in just a bit, to do that very thing. I owe. Big time. :(

Also, [mod says] This is our Question of the Day!

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I usually do wait til the first week of April because I owe. Last year I waited til the 10th. This year I had my appt. on the 7th, because the anticipation was driving me nuts. Just get it over with! It was less painful than I thought. Just rip the band aid off swiftly with no hesitation. lol

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We did this year!

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No. I like to get it done early. If I owe, I can delay payment until today. But I don’t like having it hanging over my head, especially when it is easy to get done. They owe me money, too. A lot. But that’s because my wife stopped working this year.

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I filed when I got my W-2 back in January. My refund money has been sitting in my savings account ever since, letting me sleep a little easier.

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I filed on the 15th thinking it was the last day.

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@Facade: You filed it electronically on Sunday the 15th? I ask because I don’t think the post offices were open on the 15th, which is why they extended it to the 17th (Hey, why two days extra and not just one? Does anybody know?).

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@jca “District of Columbia holidays are also considered federal holidays by the IRS. The DC holiday of Emancipation Day falls on April 16th this year, which required the bump over to April 17th.” Cash Bandit

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@jca I went to H&R Block

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We always get some money back. So, we always file fairly early (mid February). I want my money.

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I filed my extension today. What’s the hurry?

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^Almost late.

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I waited ‘til the last minute to file extensions. I’m just a procrastinator about things like that.
It’s usually a wash between fed and state, get a little here and pay a little there.

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