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What are you doing with your tax rebate?

Asked by blondie411 (1573points) February 11th, 2009

Time to do taxes! Boo, but you might get money back! What are you going to do save it? Pay bills or splurge?

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Splurge a little, then pay bills.

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got my refund already (thank you, e-file). i’m doing a little fun stuff (i’ve bought tix to five different concerts, may go see a 6th the end of the month) and some clothes, save the rest.

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My taxes were just done yesterday and I e-filed of course, I am really thinking of paying off the rest of my school loan and just being done with it ( this May will be two years out of school) Then again thats not as much fun but truly responsible.

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I already did my taxes, and already got my refund. I’m spending it on a brand new computer, a high-end 15” MacBook Pro.

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@cwilbur i am extremely jealous. extremely.

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I’m going to Disney World!....I wish It’s all going towards bills. We will probably spend just a little bit on something fun.

@blondie411 Paying off your student loan is the smartest thing to do! You’ll be glad that you did. That’ll be extra money in your pocket each month, then you can do something fun.

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but Mom I don’t wanna

I’m such a practical person that i’m going to do it but just once I want to go shopping and splurge on myself. I don’t have any other kind of debt either.

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And it’ll feel so great when you have zero debt whatsoever!

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@blondie411 Responsibility is no fun, is it! :)

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@eponymoushipster: Take $3000, divide it by the number of paychecks you have in a year, and file a new W-4 form to increase your withholding by that much. Next February, you’ll get your own MacBook Pro.

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Responsibility is my middle name!

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@blondie411 I know for a fact that Responsibility is not your middle name, and that your real middle name is exactly 14 letters shorter than the word responsibility.

I’m putting my refund towards a down payment on our first home.

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Russifer is trying to be funny he knows I don’t have a middle name…har har har

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Financing my own personal bailout.

I thought I’d start with the banks and then spread it around a bit between insurance, automotive, and state governments.

And then, just to be selfish, I might get a JellyShirt.

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@robmandu yeah, that last thing, that was part of my “clothes” comment.

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I will be getting an IOU from the state so I guess I will pin it to the wall and look at it.

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Paying off some more of my student loan…@blondie411 I’ve been out of school for 10 years and am still paying off the loan, be smart and pay yours off now, no debt is the way to go. And like @Dog I will also be getting an IOU from CA, so changing our withholdings to make sure that doesn’t happen again, stupid CA.

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Bills, bills, bills. OK, one bill. But it takes the whole bag of simoleons, so it’s like getting no refund at all!

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