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First, the extravagant GSA gathering in Las Vegas and now the Secret Service agents take 20 women to a Colombian hotel for, well, you know. Is the Government filming a new Spring Break or Porky's movie?

Asked by ro_in_motion (2253points) April 17th, 2012

If so, I am available as an extra. I could use the money.

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I would love to see the out-takes. :-)

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Probably Boys Gone Wild -volume…add any number

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Everyone needs to have some fun.

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Weren’t those secret service agents fired reassigned? Seriously, what the hell were they thinking? I would love to see that footage, though. ;)

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@augustlan What I loved is that this was only discovered when one of the agents, apparently, refused to pay his prostitute. Had I written this story as fiction, no one would have believed it.

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Cheap bastard.

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That’s why I always get paid up front.

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The SS thing doesn’t bother me as much. Sure it’s embarrassing, and probably a security threat.. But at least it was their own money and legal in Columbia.

The GSA thing is just downright upsetting.

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@tedd It’s certainly the security threat that bothers me too. However, add to that the concept that this was not a couple of guys going crazy in Columbia rather what seems to be an ‘organised’ event involving most or all of a detachment. Makes me wonder how prevalent this sort of behaviour is.

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@ro_in_motion Our men in service “getting down” in foreign countries? That’s not rare at all… Heck I’ve heard stories from my half dozen or so friends/acquaintances in just the basic services.

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@tedd I hold Secret Service agents to a higher standard. :)

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It’s too bad that something like this drives more than 50 kilobytes of internet news data. Big deal. Life is too short to worry about trivial things like prostitute use.

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@Charles Here’s why it’s worth a lot of news. I shall write it as a movie plot:

Agent X is a war-decorated veteran who is happily married and has 3 kids who he adores. He is now in the Secret Service and assigned to the President after years of lower assignments. He and the President get along, thick as thieves.

One day, he sees a packet showing photos of him having a sex with (a female prostitute, a male prostitute or children – you pick). It was from a time he got drunk and was going through marital problems. Turns out they had drugged his drink and took the photos to be used at a later time.

This is the later time. He is told to walk the President to a certain part of Camp David or a certain part of a public appearance. The President will be shot. He won’t be able to jump in front of the President because bullets travel faster than the speed of sound. He won’t hear the bullet until the President has already been fatally shot.

The SS agent doesn’t have time to clear his name much less identify the people involved. The event will happen in just a few hours.

OK, now remove the Hollywood crap and just think of the advantage of having a SS agent in your back pocket. You could have him working for you for years suborning justice.

That is why you worry about security details being put in a compromising position.

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