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In the U.S., how many states have legalized same-sex adoption?

Asked by 717richboy (234points) April 18th, 2012

I see that most states have legalized single-sex adoption, but can’t get a solid number on same-sex adoption. I’m doing a presentation for a class, in case you all are wondering.

Thanks in advance.

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I am not sure about the statistics regarding this, but this site outlines the gay adoption policies of each state. Hope this helps!

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“About half of all states permit second-parent adoptions by the unmarried partner of an existing legal parent, while in a handful of states courts have ruled these adoptions not permissible under state laws. This leaves parents in many states legally unrecognized or severely disadvantaged in court fights with ex-spouses, ex-partners or other relatives.”


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Not enough.

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/grabs popcorn and waits for shit storm

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Not much of a shit storm given that nullo’s getting ignored and blondesjon has 7 Great Answers so far. :)

717richboy, a great resource for info here is

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@marmoset its quite shocking actually…

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@uberbatman @marmoset Not really very surprising; this place is pretty heavily stacked leftwards, to the point that I begin to wonder why I’m so comfortable here. Just thought I’d throw in a non-contributory comment to underscore the general uselessness of @Blondesjon‘s non-contributory comment. Frankly, I’m surprised that they haven’t all been modded into oblivion.

@Blondesjon‘s score also serves to illustrate that GAs are at least as much about the popularity of an opinion/user as it about the validity of the post.

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