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Is it acceptable for gay teachers to post photos of their loved ones on their desks?

Asked by mrjadkins (1256points) July 30th, 2008

I see teachers with photos of their families or current relationships on their desks or posted near their desks. I do not see this from our homosexual staff members. Double standard? You bet. But for the community out there, do you think it is a problem in the education community or fear by the teachers themselves?

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Is absolutely acceptable.

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Gay people should have not one single difference in their rights, small or large, from those of heterosexual people.

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Yes. And, in my experience, they usually do.

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I am not a teacher, but believe me, I show pictures of my loved ones whenever it is called for. I don’t have a desk, but I’ve got a wallet full of my kids and my partner Jenn. I know two gay teachers, one of whom I know has a picture of his partner in his office. Acceptable? Undeniably so.

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Absolutely it is acceptable! I wonder if maybe these folks are so accustomed to being judged and treated poorly because of their sexual orientation that they censor themselves.

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Funny thing, I think the kids in the classroom would not have a problem with it – more likely the admins and some parents.

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This is completely and absolutely acceptable! Gay people are no different than anyone else, and there is no reason that they couldn’t have a picture of their partner on their desk.

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Absolutely acceptable.

I’m currently an adjunct teacher, but I was a full-time teacher for 7 years. From what I saw, I have to agree with supernutjob. There were many gay teachers and employees, none of whom had pictures on their desks. I think if you don’t see it, it is self censorship out of fear. Unfortunate that we (society) have created that.

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No question it should be. I would if I were gay.

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Yep sure of course why not!

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This reminds me of that episode of Curb! There was that pic of a dude on his desk – the one that came in the frame. Anyone?

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I must say I hold people trying to live their lives as normally as possible as part of a minority group in the highest regard.

The simplest things in live, like holding the hand of the one you love, or sharing a kiss in public, is often done with an element of shyness, and almost, may I say, fear. And this idea of not wanting to draw attention with a simple un-offensive picture just seems ridiculous to me, understandable, but ridiculous all the same.

These people should receive a well deserved pat on the back, and be commended for putting up with society’s stupidity for so long.

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@GoS: Absolutely do remember it. I love CYE. I actually have that season in my work bag right now.

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I think they should have the right to, but it really depends on what grade they’re teaching. High school is no problem, but it might confuse grade-schoolers and then the teacher would have to explain and that would only make things very uncomfortable.

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If the gay teachers are self-censoring, I don’t believe it is unwarranted. Is it right to have to be afraid? No. Is it real that there is discrimination? Yes.

For too many fear-driven, ignorant people, it is a quick jump from that photo to assumptions that the teacher is teaching homosexuality or, worse, is a pedophile.

I am sorry that they feel they do not have that freedom, but I don’t blame them for their fear of repercussions.

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It totally should be, but if you feel uncomfortable doing it, perhaps you should think about why. It may invite conflict, depending on your workplace. Is that a problem for you?

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It should be acceptable for them just as well as the other teachers. If they are preventing them from posting photos then the rest of the staff should not be allowed as well. They should have the same rights as anyone else.

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Babo thinks so!

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Absolutely Perfectly 100% acceptable.

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The fundamental reason the LGBT community has gained more acceptance is due to the fact that we now refuse to hide. Its small gestures like this that bring visibility to the community. Awareness reduces ignorance; the realization that we are just like everybody else, enables others to see us as they see themselves, thereby reducing the likelihood of discrimination.

Oh, and to answer the question…of course.

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Go tiny!

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As a dad I figure I will just treat the g&l thing the same way as the sex thing. Honesty. I want my kids to know normal and it should be, but won’t be if we don’t treat it that way.

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Yes, yes, yes, they shoud. Do they? Not always. But tolerance and acceptance and more and more others doing it will promote more openness.

Here I have to refer to DrHat77’s good suggestion about teaching the concept of homosexuality to children in such a way that encourages tolerance but discourages pointless experimentation:
’ so i had this idea on how to teach children about homosexuality in a nonpolitical way. Basically, it’s like left-handedness: affects a small minority, seems to be biologically and not personally determined, under the right circumstances it can make someone visibly different, but does not make them substantially different.’

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Absolutely acceptable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sure, why the heck not…gay or bi or straight…we’re all humans with loved-ones right?

well maybe not everyone has loved-ones, but still thats not the point…

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There are still 30-odd states where you can be fired for being gay. Any teachers in those states who put up pictures of their same-sex lovers in their classroom are taking their careers in their hands.

Some of the gay people who seem shy and afraid and unwilling to draw attention to themselves have a very good reason for acting that way.

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It’s acceptable..

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Of course it’s acceptable.

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