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Fellas, would you ever ride on the backseat?

Asked by chelle21689 (7883points) April 19th, 2012

Would you ever ride on the backseat of a motorcycle if your girl was driving it? My bf and I somehow came to this discussion I thought it was completely ridiculous that he refused to ever ride on the backseat. Even if I were driving it. He said “When do you see a girl driving a guy on a motorcycle?” I don’t know why but it bothered me that he would think of something that way.

Not that I’m getting a motorcycle but because it looked “gay” or it’s not common at all. Or because it makes him feel less macho! Hmm…but he’s okay if I pay for dinner or drive the car?

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Sounds pretty sexist to me. His loss if he wouldn’t snuggle up behind this. Or this. Or this. Or this.

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Yes, I’m not sexist.

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God, I’d love to ride on the back of a motorcycle if I had a girlfriend who rode them. That sounds really hot.

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I find very little that could possibly be sexy about willingly riding a vehicle that 75% of drivers can’t see, especially considering they’re all busy texting or talking on their iPhones to see my 1988 Crown Vic tank in the lane beside them.

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No way, Jose.
She can almost not even stay straight on a bicycle.

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Driving ( riding, actually ) a motorcycle, and not riding behind a woman is one of the few pursuits still remaining as an act of masculinity in America. Jeeze, woman, leave us SOMETHING! : )

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I’m kind of used to being the driver anyway, but it certainly wouldn’t be my first choice. There’s no pleasure in that for me as far as I can imagine.

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That would be such a turn on I’d have my hands were they shouldn’t be and probably get us killed. But I’d give it a go at least that one time.

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I would gladly be a rider to a girl driver. Damned Hot!

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Reminds me of that scene in King of the Hill when Peggy wants to drive the motorcycle and have Hank sit behind and he refuses.

Hank Hill: It just doesn’t work that way with biker couples. Lumpy and Pepperoni Sue have a great relationship, and she never rides up front. In fact, the spot behind the driver is called the…er…bitch seat.
Peggy Hill: What? So then that makes me a—
Hank Hill: No! It’s a motorcycle term, I don’t even think it’s spelled the same.

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I would have no problem with it. Fuck, I’m 36 and live with my mom.

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Sure, why not? I get to have my arms around my girl while she gets to zoom around looking and probably feeling all bad ass. Sounds like a great time!

I do agree with Seek about motorcycles being dangerous (no matter who is driving), and I would probably never ride one again under any circumstances…but obviously that’s not the point of the question.

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Can’t you just see a motorcycle gang with the gals driving and the leather-bound guy riding in the “buddy seat”? Sorry, but I agree with your bf that for a man to ride and not drive a motorcyle is not macho. I would never do this.

She can drive the car and i will ride. But, a motorcycle is a different story. Ask any man.

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@john65pennington Ask any man.

See my previous response.

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I’m afraid he sounds a bit childish and insecure. It’s a vehicle, nothing more. What difference does it make to him if he’s driving or you’re driving?If it’s your motorcycle, then it would make sense for him to ride on the back, in the passenger’s seat, just like he would if it was your car.

Does your guy have a problem with gay people, or being assumed to be gay? If so, that is a red flag that you need to nip in the bud NOW.

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He knows you’re never getting a license, never going to ride a bike, and he’s never going to be in that ‘position’ so he’s allowed a bit of macho posturing in my opinion. Because truth be told, if you did get a motorbike, and you offered him a lift, I’m betting he would take it. I reckon he’s just baiting you into a friendly argument.

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Yeah sure, why not?
An added incentive would be the ease of access this would afford me if I chose to cup those marvellous titties as we went….....honk honk!

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@john65pennington Many of the men in this very thread said they would have no problem with it.

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My husband rides on the back of my motorcycle sometimes, and people sometimes look at us funny. I’ve been trying to talk him into learning to ride (i.e. drive), but that hasn’t worked out yet, lol. Usually when we go somewhere together, his son is also with us, so we have to take his car.

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Yes! I thought of “King of the Hill” also! Yeah, it is very unlikely that I’d get a motorcycle because I’m scared. I had a bad burn from a bike and I have something against them, lol. It’s a shame because motorcycles do look sweet with all the gear. That girl in that video, wowza. I’d like to wear something like that! LOL

I don’t think he has anything against gay people. I mean, just like most guys he’s weirded out at seeing two men kiss…but no hate against them. His hair stylist who he’s known as a kid is gay.

Hell, my bf would get a pedicure or facial with me but not ride? lol

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