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Muslims: Can you feel the presence of Allah?

Asked by lasarahxo (46points) April 19th, 2012

Hello! I was just curious. I’m a Christian, and when I pray or I’m worshiping/focusing on God, I can literally sense His presence and feel his Holy spirit. I was wondering if Muslims experience this as well when they are in worship. If not, would you mind explaining what you feel while you’re praying to Allah? Thank you. :)

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I’m Muslim and I feel the same way. Maybe our religions can accept that it isn’t a competition.

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I would think people who believe in God feel his presence or don’t based on the individual, not which religion they identify with. Assuming it is a religion that believes in God. Why would being Muslim or Christian make a difference? But I’m an atheist what do I know.

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It’s all the same God.

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It’s funny, a few years ago I would have read a sentence like “sense His presence” and instantly labeled you a whack job. Thank God I’ve grown up. That sensation of God’s presence is .. well.. indescribable really. I believe I’ve only felt it a few times. It certainly isn’t every time I pray. I think the closer I am to God, the closer He is to me. Makes sense…

James 4:8
“Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you.”

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@JLeslie No, I’m not. I do, however, recognize enough similarities between quite a few religions to wonder if they aren’t just different perspectives on the same God.


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That would be nice, yes. : )

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@digitalimpression Just curious because the OP was interested in a Muslim perspective and you did not state if you were Muslim or not. I guess the reference you put at the end is from Christianity, but I was not sure. All the Abrahamic religions believe in the same God, I don’t wonder about that, but some people argue it isn’t so.

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I am quite sure they do. As do Hindus and Buddhists and Odinists and what have you. And since these religions are all mutually exclusive, these sensations in no way testify to the validity of the religion they are experienced in.

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I don’t feel they are mutually exclusive.

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In christianity, you can not go to heaven unless you accept jesus as your “saviour” and in general the abrahamic god demands that you worship him alone. That right there makes every other religion a pathway to eternal damnation.

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I, personally, think there is wisdom and value in every religion. I suppose if you were a radical Christian or Muslim, they would be exclusive. To me, though, they are not exclusive. They can be blended and mixed.

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From what I understand, very, very basically, Muslims, Christians and Jews pretty much follow the same religion upto the point of who they believe is their Messiah or Mahdi. Christians are awaiting the second coming of their Messiah, Jews are awaiting the first coming and Muslims are awaiting the Mahdi.

If you trust what the god of your religion tells you in the context of your Bible, Koran or Torah about the single most important event in the universe, and the texts in each of these books are telling each religion a different thing; would it be the same god for each of these religions?

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Thanks for all of your responses, but my question wasn’t whether or not Christianity and Islam are the same religion. I asked if Muslims can feel Allahs presence when praying to him.

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Well, in that case your question was answered by @johnpowell, in the first post. My post, which was next, was meant “It’s all the same God”....which means if Christians can feel his presence, then Muslims do too.

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Allah is a fake ancient moon god, there is no such thing.

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