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Do you French-Tip your toenails?

Asked by Ela (6498points) April 22nd, 2012

Personally and no offense… I don’t like them.
French tipped toenails!

Btw these are not my toes!

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No. I don’t have time and no one sees my toes often enough that they would be impressed. As well, my toenails are pretty small and on the rare occasion that I do paint them, it’s only the big toe on each foot.

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No, I don’t find feet to be so pretty that I need to draw attention to them. They always look like stunted fingers to me when they are dressed up too much. The most I do is color them flesh color so they look natural and manicured but that is it. I’ve yet to see feet that I will say, “Oh, aren’t those some pretty looking feet”. Oh yeah, I have. It’s usually attatched to a baby, but their feet are cute all natural looking.

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I don’t get pedicures.

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No. I don;t like them either. I like a solid color, and am very picky. Right now I have a pretty sort of dusky rose color on my toes. I like the colors that blend best with my skin tone.
I do like french manicures, but I rarely do them because I am always out in my yard doing stuff, so I only do my nails for special occasions.

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Neither do I @Simone_De_Beauvoir. They have kits where you can do this at home. It doesn’t seem to matter what a person’s toes look like. With sandal season here I see french tipped toes all the time.
I’m very picky also @Coloma I always have my toenails and fingernails polished but it has to be the same shade.

LOL @Pandora… stunted fingers? too funny!

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I’ve never been able to get a good French tip on my hands, so no. Bright solids only for me.

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I rarely have the time to get a mani/pedi. Yes, I have done it. I like the look a lot. It’s clean, neat & simple.

I do have the kit for home, but when I don’t have time, it seems even more difficult to make the time to do this myself.

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It takes me about 20 minutes just to cut them. Since I routinely do that after I shake out my area rugs and before I shave, shower, moisturize, and clean my bathroom, I feel like doing something more recreational after that.

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Aside from my big toes, my toenails are teeny tiny. My pinky toe requires, literally, less than a drop of polish. There’s no way I could do it. I don’t mind the look, I suppose.

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My wife has both her fingernails and her toenails French tipped.

She does do this for herself, she does this because she knows I like them this way.

I think this lady still loves me.

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Yes, I like the look with sandals and a good tan.

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Another ‘no’. I don’t get professional pedicures now. I just self-maintain my feet with a pumice, clippers and lotion. As much as I love going to a salon and sitting in the massage chair, feet soaking in a warm jet-stream bath, and having feet and legs massaged, it just isn’t worth the price.

When I say “price”, it doesn’t just mean the money paid from my pocket. On an individual aspect, it’s the time involved for the grooming and painting process. This is something that I can still do on my own. Having my hands or nails painted just makes me think of how this time could be better spent.

These thoughts lead to why I would desire someone to judge me as well-groomed based upon the polish of my nails. “Oooh, that’s a lovely shade of polish.”, or “Your nails look so natural!” when it is a French or American manicure. Please…can we at least talk about the weather?

In the bigger picture, I once read in a book about ‘going green’ that make-up in general, and nail polish specifically, contributes unnecessary waste. Toss in all of the other factors that go along with conducting a manicure/pedicure, then there is little reason to continue participating in one if a person wants to reduce environmental destruction.

Just as important, although more short-term (I hope), French manicures are affiliated with women. This puts men who have or desire even a basic mani/pedi under potential scrutiny by society. This is irksome. If any person, no matter what their sex or gender is, should be able to feel comfortable wearing nail polish.

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No because I am a guy. I absolutely love it when women do it.

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Is that what that’s called? I love it, and I’m going to try it immediately. Thanks! I really need to read the Girl Training Manual at some point.

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I think long toenails are gross and french tipped toenais look like an attempt to make toenails liik longer. yuck.

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No, I can’t even do my own fingernails or toenails! I don’t really think the french-tipped toenails look very good either, they look kind of strange to me. If I was going to have my toenails done, I’d stick with a solid color.

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I have had it done and liked it but now I think it looks too “teenager.” I like red/orange polish with tanned feet. I’m working on it. lol

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I have more interesting and productive things to do with my time.

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No. I wish i had the time and drive to dedicate to doing anything at all to my finger and toenails. I usually commend myself for getting my eyebrows done before I look like oscar the grouch.

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My wife French-dips her toes before I suck her feet. ;-p

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Not at all! Waste of good money. I’d love a good footrub by a French guy, though…

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No, but I’m considering getting a ruby for my navel.

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The most I do with my toenails is cut them when they get too long. I’ve never been a fan of painting them, sometimes seeing it on other people grosses me out, because the nails are so tiny and toes are already quite ugly. No one can make feet look good. No one.

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@keep on running – Yep, I agree I’m giving up on my feet and am instead going the route @Sunny2 is, I am beautifying my navel.

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