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Are these people getting their tips?

Asked by simone54 (7629points) May 27th, 2008

I always use my B of A Check Card to pay for dinner and drinks and things. I always leave their tip on the card. But when ever I go to read my bank statement. The tip hasn’t been added.

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I wait tables, and you are required by law to report all your tips. Well, where I work, our credit card tips are automatically claimed for us. So all we claim is cash tips at the end of the day.
so, when I look at the merchant copy of the credit card reciept- or debit- we enter the total amount at the bottom. Example: bill= 25$ you tipped=5$ total that we put in the computer=30$. Then the computer asks us: ” tip amount is 5$?” we click yes or no.
So more details please. I know that sometimes people take the wrong copy, and we end up getting the blank paper, which means no tip. Very frustrating! People sometimes think they are carbon, or just accidently get in a hurry and don’t pay attention.
Hope that helped! Leave your tips in cash! We like that!

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I’ve noticed the same thing and there’s really no other way to elaborate. If dinner’s $25 and I tip $5, only $25 shows up on my statements.

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Yeah just like CameraObscura said.

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I have not had that happen. Our tips show up on the card.

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What I have heard is whenever possible, tip in cash, some places give access to the server immediately that way, and it is appreciated for those on a tight budget.

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@guesswho, I don’t actually follow this. So in your example, meal = $25, tip = $5,
does the $5 disappear or get recorded? If it’s not showing up on the credit card statement, it seems like it just disappears. This is hideous. Of course I’ll leave tips
in cash from now on if that’s happening. But I really am not following. Try again,

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okay, if your statement is NOT showing the TOTAL amount(bill + tip), then call your bank. I bank online, so I see all my pending transactions and go out to eat regularly with my B of A card, and its never happened to me when I had to tip on my card ( ie club,etc).

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The tip doesnt dissapear, its added onto the bill, and deducted from your account.

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But, so, it’s added onto my bill as a tip, or as part of the meal? Because… that would
be theft, wouldn’t it?

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yes its added onto your bill as a tip.

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