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How do I find someone who could build me a video studio?

Asked by metadog (377points) April 23rd, 2012

Hi! My company has been doing short in-house video productions. Kind of like brief “state of the company” addresses. The boss doesn’t want to do the shoots “on location” any more and has asked me to set up a studio in what was once an old server room. Low ceilings, tile floor… terrible. I have some equipment and some knowledge and can shoot a talking head. I can even set up a simple studio (I think), but the boss wants to drop some coin and put together something more professional that he may then pimp out to our clients.

This is beyond my skill set. So, then… there are people “out there” that do this kind of thing. How do I find them? Are there key search/industry terms that all of them use? Someone who can work with electrical, HVAC, green screen, lighting grid, lighting, etc. Do these people have an industry specific title? Thoughts?

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Check with your local TV studios, they may have someone on the list of contractors, OR you might, in a pinch, be able rent a spare studio at the TV station.

That includes cable companies that have a local origination for ads and promos.

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Which part of the country are you in?

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Baltimore, MD

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I’m a GC in Atlanta area, and a lot of folks find me online @ Angie’s List. Try that and see what kind of results you get. Best of luck to you.

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