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How I can convert an SWF video to any other format for free?

Asked by abhimanyu (24points) July 29th, 2009

I’ve got an SWF of a screencast using Jing (free version), but I’d like to convert it to any other video format so I can work on the video in editing software. Any idea where I can convert this file for free?

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Try out “FotmartFactory” it’s freeware, easy to use and astonishing efficient ^^ download at

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There are a number of tools that can do that: VirtualDub, FormatFactory, Internet Video Converter. Or do a Google search for ffmpeg frontends.

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You’ve got a video of a Single White Female and you want to change it? To what??

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hi everyone, thanks for your responses… but unfortunately the only thing that worked was opening up the file in Flash and exporting the file as an AVI. SWF doesn’t play well as a video format.

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Try this, it supports conversion between a wide variety of different file formats and you don’t have to download any programs.

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install perian plugin and use quicktime to open and export the file.

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Download the Total Video Converter. Using it, you will be able to convert almost any media format to any other. You can always google it to find it.

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You can use a trial version of Camtasia . It works great.

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