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What would volunteering at a nursing home give to a person?

Asked by Mandeblind (420points) April 23rd, 2012 from iPhone

To me, it gives more knowledge of an aged human being, who is about to finish life. Also seeing various different lives gives me knowledge on how to live mine…
I dont know. What is your opinion?

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BTW, there are people of all ages at nursing homes.

The last time we had to have a relative stay in a facility prior to her passing, I made certain to say Hi to as many of the patients as I could. I also wheeled a young fellow down to the soda machine & out for a cig break a few times.

There were many people starved for real attention. Validation is important. Dignity is desired. Socializing is a vital component of good mental health. Unfortunately, there is very little of these inside of most nursing facilities.

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A staph infection?

sorry. Used to work at a nursing home, as a housekeeper. The place felt like a prison, and at least half the time there was some reason or another that I wasn’t allowed to clean a room for days at a time. Disgusting.

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I did this back in my teens & it gives you a sense of humility.
It served as good experience as a few years later I worked with Alzheimers sufferers, tiring but rerwarding.

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I think it’s more about what you can give to the residents.
Yes @SpatzieLover , attention, conversation, a little kindness and help and something to look forward to in such a controlled and confining environment. I used to take my dog with me when I visited my grandmother years ago and all the residents just loved having a pet around.
My new cat “Myles” would be a purr-fect service cat, he is mellow, gentle and a monster lap warmer.

I may look into doing some volunteering with him at some point.
I know for me in my advanced age someday I would be thrilled to have someone bring in their pet for a little visit, I can;t imagine not being able to have a pet anymore and that would make my day! :-)

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It can give you an array of wonderful stories from the residents. It can also open the door for some new friendships. Wonderful life lessons live inside those doors, @Mandeblind. Do you volunteer at a nursing home?

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A bad smell.

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I woiuld hope it would give the volunteer a sense of gratitude for the lives people have lived, and for what these people still have to teach and be. But it could also easily give a young person a sense of disgust at what happens to people when they age. I think it would depend on the volunteer more than it depended on the residents of the home.

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I volunteered in a nursing home for 3 years when I was 18 and I still remember the people I met and got to know there. Some of them became friends and gave me all the joys that good friendships give. I’ll remember them for the rest of my life.

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