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What do you want done for you after you're dead?

Asked by 6rant6 (13692points) April 24th, 2012

If there was someone you had absolute faith to perform whatever service you asked for and yet not feel burdened about it, what would you ask them to do after you died?

You could get even with someone, or apologize to someone, tell someone you loved them. You could send a memory in the form of a photo or a menu. You could ask them to raise a glass to you on St. Swithens day.

What would it be?

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It’ll be up to the living people to decide, or whatever I put in a will. I’d like to donate my body to science, though. I want some attractive woman cutting me open.

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I have a friend that has asked me to get her hard drive and destroy it if she dies before me.

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@Blackberry Rushing to get that first one in, are we?

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I want to be cremated and forgotten, as it should be.
Anything else is trying to control from beyond the grave. haha

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To be left alone.

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@Coloma “Anything else is trying to control from beyond the grave…” Well, yes, it is by definition. And?

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You have no control after you die. I would like to be cremated and my ashes scattered on a beach or in the water.

If my friends want to get together and remember me with laughter, that is on them.

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I’d want someone close to remind my kids whilst they’re bound to grieve my loss, i’d prefer them to remember all those special times, celebrate good memories.

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@6rant6 And…control is not my thing. Dying should mean your ego dies with you, but some peeps just have to find a way to hang on. lol

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Absolutely nothing. Anything I want done, I want done while I’m still able to appreciate it. You can make all the promises you want about what you’ll do when I die, and that’s utterly meaningless to me. You want to make a difference to me, then you can only do it while I’m alive.

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I want my corpse hung from the swings in a preschool playground.

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@Coloma Just to be the devil’s advocate for a moment, what’s so awful about conveying a message that you admired someone, or that you felt they deserved more of the credit that you shared with them? Messages you might have shared in your more enlightened moments, but never actually did.

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@poisonedantidote Religious preschool or secular?

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@wundayatta Not that you’re required to be like everyone else, but I think many of us get some immediate psychic benefit from expectations for the future of others. We hope that our kids do well. If we thought that a posthumous benediction would help them, wouldn’t we feel good about arranging it?

I think few of us are so precisely atheist that we don’t give a shit if the world we leave to our children devolves in to hell as soon as we’re gone.It gives us pleasure in the present to have hope for their futures. Don’t you think?

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@6rant6 I’m oh so competitive.

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I carry a whole body donation card in my wallet. There is nothing anyone can do for me after I die, but I hope my body can perform a useful service after I no longer need it.

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I would prefer to do whatever I needed done for me… myself. If I didn’t accomplish it in my lifetime, it probably wasn’t meant to be.

If I had to encourage anyone to do anything after I die .. it would be to enjoy THEIR life to the fullest so they have no regrets or what if’s!

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@JustPlainBarb I have a feeling that’s a very common sentiment.

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Nothing – I want people to do it for me while I’m still alive.

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@6rant6 Nothing wrong with HOPING people will have fond memories of you, I just don’t agree with expecting to be canonized for eternity. lol
I’m with @janbb and @JustPlainBarb

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@6rant6 If I want to tell something to my kids, I will not wait until I am dead to do it. I will tell them while we are both alive to appreciate it. A posthumous message, no matter what its intent, sounds mean to me. I think it is passive aggressive and psychologically unhealthy. I love my kids. I would not do something like that to them. I hope noone would.

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Turn me into fertilizer

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I’d have them play a random comedy at the funeral to send the message “I wanted you laughing when I was alive, and I still want you laughing when I’m haunting those of you I hated.”

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@6rant6 Either would be fine.

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I’ve thought of this often over the years. If possible, I want my useful parts to be donated to science and/or people that need them. What’s left over would be cremated.

As for the service, I leave that up to my loved ones (as it is more for them than me). I do have a sort of “farewell” letter I’d like to be read at this service though. It’s a letter I’ve worked on for about 15 years – it’s changed a lot. I have this letter, not because I hide things from people or don’t tell them how much I love them ..etc., but because I have a hard time expressing my feelings (and thoughts) in spoken word. It will basically share what I’ve learnt from this thing called life. I know it is important to the people who care about me.

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I’d be a cadaver in a medical school. If they are still using real ones. I hear they have very realistic dummies because there’s a shortage of real ones.

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I have a wax mold of my right hand in a ‘one finger salute’ made while I was in the hospital in Germany. I want my ashes mixed with plaster and cast into that mold. A keg of Guinness, and my Humidor will be opened and my friends aren’t allowed to leave until they are all gone.

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I want a catered party, the caterer is already selected and informed. I just want everyone to have fun.

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I’d like my children to learn from my failures and successes and help their own children to learn some of the lessons they and I learned from them.

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I guess I am not particularly altruistic like most of you.

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I can’t really think of anything, but I do hope that people won’t come by my grave and piss on it.

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If it was a sudden thing, to let people I care about know I am gone.

Plant a tree for me so my children have something to sit under and think about me when they need to. My parents don’t have any markers and I have missed having ‘a place’ for them. When I was younger I didn’t think it mattered but there have been a few times when I have wanted to go to them. Weird… maybe. On my recent trip to the UK I discovered my parents (my mother died years before my father) had been scattered next to each other in the Garden of Remembrance. I was doing okay until I heard that. I was so glad they are together. There was no marker but I sat where they were finally scattered for a long time.

That’s all I want. Other than that, it will be up to those who are left behind what they want to do.

Coincidentally, I visited a graveyard yesterday and one of the graves showed a woman’s name (she died in Australia) and then years before it showed a man’s name (he died and was buried in the US years before). It also said something about the couple emigrating here together. It led to a conversation between my husband and I about the background to the story. We have no idea really so we could only speculate and it occurred to us (amongst other things) they could have been divorced. Which led to a discussion about situations where couples divorce but the children have both their parents names on a headstone. Might not be what the parents want but it is what the children need. I hope my children don’t have a marker for me and include my ex!

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@Symbeline LMAO. I’ll put a no pissing sign by your final resting place.
I would just like someone to come on fluther and tell all of my fluther friends that I’d gone for that big dirt nap. I don’t want to just disappear and leave everyone wondering what happened to me. You all can even piss on my grave to say goodbye.

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@Symbeline Not even if it is some kinky fetish thing? Anyway, what would you care? Unless you’re pissed off they didn’t do it when you could appreciate it? ;-)

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The only thing I have requested is that my ashes are scattered in/near Loch Ness, preferably close to the castle.

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I’d like everyone to hold a big party and celebrate my memory. Actually I think this party should be early, so I can join in.

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@wundayatta Yeah. If someone is going to piss on me, I’d like to get to enjoy it, too. ^^

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@wundayatta I forgot what a keen judge of everyone and everything you were.

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@6rant6 Well let that be a lesson to you! [???]

@Symbeline Yes. That is exactly my point.

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Someone better hurry up and pee on me, lest this occurs. XD

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It’s a trick! if you pee on her, this will occur, the horror! the horror!

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Whaaaat the fuck was that lol?? XD that was awesome

Urethra crawling. Wow I don’t even

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@King_Pariah and what a great way to get rid of the spouse.

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@bewailknot “It’s okay Bino, I have more.”

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Sausage cat lmao.

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Let me get this straight. According to this morality tale, someone pees on @Symbeline and then she crawls up their urethra, taking her own Fantastic Voyage or a sort. Inside, she meets the zombie phages and vampire blood cells (don’t ask me how that works), and ends up transporting herself all over the planet on a mission to confuse the hell our of everyone.

There’s sex, too, but I’m not sure where it fits in. Perhaps there are random porn scenes having to do with unholy relationships with found objects in European art museums. Yep. That oughtta do it.

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