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Have you ever saved someone's life? [part 2]?

Asked by Hibernate (9058points) November 4th, 2011

This question hasn’t been asked for a year now so I thought about bringing it up again.
Not metaphorically helping someone out of a tight spot. I mean literally: intervened between someone and certain or virtually certain death.

If so, please tell us about it. What were the circumstances, what did you do, and what happened afterward?

If so when and what happened?

If no would you want/like to save someone’s life?

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My brother. A long time ago. – We were swimming in an ocean, and he was very young, the tide grew stronger and started pulling him in. I wrapped him in my arms so tight he couldn’t breathe, the tide pulled us both in, fortunately, I managed to pull us out with all my strength. -

My best friend. A car was going to run her over and I literally ran across the road and pushed her out of the way. The same thing happened to me, and it’s funny how she was the one who saved me as well.

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My sister. She wasn’t well, I saved her life a few times. CPR.

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The closest I came is insisting that my sister in law had a Mammography. My husband and saved her life.

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Lots of animals but no people so far.

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Very recently I participated in saving someone who had drowned, I helped the life guard pull the guy from the water as he could not get him out alone. You would be amazed how heavy a passed out body with lungs full of water can be.

Once we got him out I run to call the ambulance, while the life guard gave him mouth to mouth. By the time the ambulance arrived the life guard had got him breathing and awake again.

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I was a lifeguard in college and working a Friday night swim party. I saw the supervisor dive to the bottom of the deep end and pull up a young man who was DOA. The life guard at that end of the pool panicked and did not respond at all to this mans distress and he sank to the bottom.

I started mouth to mouth and kept it up for over 6 minutes while the supervisor did chest compressions…2 minutes later we were exhausted and both thought he was a goner and all of a sudden he let out a scream. He was in critical condition and suffered 3rd degree chemical burns in his lungs from the chlorine. I was told he survived thanks to our efforts. It was surreal and I will never forget that time.

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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. It’s been many years since I talked about it, but I saved several people’s lives in Vietnam. It’s not something I dwell on.

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Yes, many times. But that’s my job.

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Yes. And sometimes i believe that you save someones life without even knowing it. I think we all save atleast one person in our life. Just by loving them, listening and caring…that can go a long long way! :)

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No humans, but, I told the story in the Q from last year. I saved my horse whom got tangled in her bridle that I had slipped around her neck to tie her out lakeside to a log on the shore.

She somehow managed to twist her bridle so tightly around her neck she was on her knees suffocating and I ran, literally a mile back to the cabin and grabbed a small pair of scissors ( a knife would have been too dangerous ) and spent about 5 minutes frantically sawing through the leather to free her. It was THE most intense moment of of my life.

I never forgot to take a halter with me on trail ever again!

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A few years ago my elderly neighbor somehow knocked his truck in to reverse and he was being drug down his driveway by the truck. He was hanging out of the drivers door with the drivers side front wheel between his legs. If I had not chased the truck down on foot, I believe he would have been run over and killed.

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A long time ago I went to a party with some friends and at the time, a friend of mine in our circle had some major beef with a local gang member. My friend, being the good friend that he is, didn’t want us to get involved in his beef so he chose to leave the party, alone. I happened to have a boxcutter on me and gave it to him to hold. He left. Minutes later, a sense of guilt swept over me for not going with him. Myself and my entourage left the party to go look for our friend. I caught up with him later, only to find his hand dripping in blood and flesh with my cutter in his hand. The blood was not his. He is forever indebted to me to this day. He need not be.

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A woman was trying to commit suicide. I was the only one at the church willing to stay with her and her husband, call emergency, and stay with them until emergency took her to the hospital. Very disappointed in the community that day.

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I saved my son’s life when he was a young teenager. He & a friend were making sandwiches for lunch & when he went outside afterwards, he & his friend found a kitten that did not belong to either of them. They decided that it might belong to a new neighbor (who had a pretty teenage daughter) & so he picked it up. It bit him through his thumb. I took him to the doctor & I explained what happened, but the doctor did not think it was something to worry about & gave him a tetnaus shot & cleaned the bite. I was still worried & went to the trouble to get a Have-a-heart trap to catch the kitten. I caught the kitten & it lived exactly one day & then I found it dead. I took it to the vet & he sent the kitten’s head to Austin. It turned out that the kitten was, indeed, rabid. We ended up with only a few hours to get the rabies vaccine started or my son would have died. I got the Health Dept. Director fired because he had refused me the use of a city owned trap because I lived just outside of the city limits & my son’s doctor never again took a situation for granted when he did not understand all of the circumstances. The series of shots did not turn my son against cats, he still likes them very well, as I do, too.

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OKay, I’m at a computer not my iphone so I’ll share one story. I was in the emergency room and I happened to glance in the room of a young 24 year old woman who was there for a bellyache. I saw that she was lying back down and breathing funny. I walked in and she was doing what is called “agonal breathing” which people do at the end of life. If any of you have been around a dying person you know what I“m talking about.

I checked for a pulse, and there was no pulse. I slammed my hand on the code blue button and started CPR. The team came within about 20 seconds and we got a defibrillator on—she was in v-fib. We shocked her, got her rhythm back, and she walked out of the hospital.

Turns out she had some sort of cardiac excitability from a medication she was taking and she just got lucky that a) she was in the emergency room and b) I happened to be walking by.

I have other stories, but that’s the most dramatic.

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Many times, but it’s part of my job.

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A friend and I were playing around on the frozen river as kids. There was one of those big sewer pipes by the shore, where the ice around it couldn’t hold because of the heat from the pipe, so it was water all around it. My friend went right by the edge of the ice near the pipe and kneed down, and dipped a branch in the water. I told her to be careful, and stayed back. Well, would you know it, the ice broke under her and she fell in. She was desperately trying to climb back up, but couldn’t. I darted over there after seeing that nobody on the bridge not fifteen feet away noticed a thing. I grabbed her by the shoulders, or really, I just grabbed her coat, and yanked her out, although it took a while. The whole time I was thinking like, if I slip, or if the ice breaks under my weight, then damn. But somehow it held, and I managed to pull her out. We ran back to the opposite shore, and she hugged me haha. Then we went back to this kids center that had games and stuff, and she put her coat and shit by a heater to let everything dry off.

The craziest shit about this is…she had an older sister, who died in that very same river.

I’m not saying I was acting all brave or anything. It just happened, and both of us were extremely fuckin lucky.

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