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Why are (some, a lot of) women attracted to men who look like gangsters?

Asked by Charles (4823points) April 24th, 2012

I was noticing over the years that I have seen gangster men, some who have even been incarcerated dating attractive women and in some cases even impregnating these women. What is it that these women see in a man who look gangster, and has no career other then being a career criminal?

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Most people go through phases growing up. Similar to how some guys like skanky sluts, some women like gangsters and douchbags.

People are attracted to the bad gimmick because they’re usually alpha males.

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Gangst*er* or gangst*a*?

The difference could save your life.

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Just a sec, I will ask my girlfriends.

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Isn’t the gansta thing out and hipster/indie thing in?

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@johnpowell Yeah, but the gangsta lean still lingers.

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A sense of danger lurking can be a turn-on, I guess.

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Money? Power? Over-sized man parts?

All I can be certain of is that the type of woman attracted to that type of man is certainly not attractive to me. So I guess it all works out. =)

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I am not. I can only think it has to do with perceived power (of bad boys).

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Looking “bad” suggests a willingness to be naughty, in pleasantly degenerate ways.
It’s the same as the female attraction of that Jessica character in the Roger Rabbit movies.
(“I’m no ‘bad’. I’m just drawn that way.”)

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@Charles: “I was noticing over the years that I have seen gangster men, some who have even been incarcerated…”


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I currently resemble Andrew Carnegie.
If his appearance could be considered “gangster”, then I guess it’s the beard.

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What kind of gangster are we talking about here? The one with his track pants down to his knees who looks like he just took a shit in them, and bends the bill of his cap so it almost looks like a cylinder? Fuck that.
Or a gangster from the twenties with a snazzy striped suit, slim mustache and his own speakeasy? yum

Maybe it’s the whole mix of rebellion and authority/would be high status that does it, although I would very much argue that a big portion of women are attracted by this.

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1.I don’t think all are but if your looking for the most likely answer it is because of the wild boy syndrome for some. A sense of excitement and danger.
2.There is also the whole power trip thing. He controls his enviroment. So like most animals we are attracted to possible mates that have the power to control people around us and make us secure.
3.Then there are the women who think they want the bad boy and feel he is misunderstood and all they need is the love of a good woman to change them.
4. Then there are the girls who are simply rebelling and a bad boy is the ticket to developing their own bad image.
5. Then there is the girl who simply has low self esteem and will take what she can get. The bad boy is attracted to her because he can manipulate her.
So pick your poison.
A confident young woman looking to make her own mark in the world without the aid of a male, will not opt for the bad boy. He simply would not fit into her plans.

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@johnpowell a lot of gangstas have actually long since changed into crunk artists, who have in turn progressed to being rather hipster-ish themselves. See: the second through fourth frames of this visual reference.

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“Just a sec, I will ask my girlfriends.”

Two say it was my gangsta looks, two my supposed wealth, and number five doesn’t know/no answer.
And thanks for asking this question; I had a bitch fight on my hands…..

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It may be a confirmation bias thing, because I don’t know anyone who goes for those types of men around here.

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Birds of a feather flock together, oh so true. I guess most people are more likely to date their own kind. I’m not talking about outward appearences, but the mentality of those people involved. Looks can be deceiving.

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