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How should I properly repair a hole in an inflatable bonzai slide?

Asked by Arick (27points) May 27th, 2008 from iPhone

I just got my kids a big bonzai water slide and my dumb dogs chewed a palm sized hole in the base pool wall part. They gave me some patches in package but I was wanting to give it some extra support. My idea was to put on patch and cover that with gorilla tape. Any ideas will help, thanks.

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Sorry you have not gotten any responses. There is a family of repair products that are not too pricey and are available at marine stores that will probably be more effective than gorilla tape.

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have you tried silicone? I just repaired my kids inflatable pool with a small tube of household silicone gel. it is about 2 bucks for a 3oz tube. for a big tear in the bottom of the pool i smeared the silicone over the hole, on the underside, then placed a piece of painter’s tape (it’s what i had on hand) over top of the silicone. then on the inside of the pool i just smeared a bit of silicone over the tear and let it dry. for some tiny holes in the side of the pool i just plase a small dot over the hole. It worked great!! and it was easier than trying to use those dumb repair kits that never seem to stick. good luck!!

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