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Big problem please help!

Asked by FiRE_MaN (684points) May 27th, 2008

I cannot unlock my iPhone. When i went i eather press the lock button or the home button nothing happens, and when i try to put it on vibate when it is locked nothing happens. When i plug it into my pc the “slide to unlock” message shows up and everything works perfectly. Also itunes does not see my phone but my computer does. When i take it off the charger the “slide to unlock” screen apears again and it works fine. It just doesnt work when locked… can anyone help me?

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Did you try resetting it by holding down the power & home buttons simultaneously for ten seconds?

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Not sure if you’ve tried this yet, but: if you’re on a PC; if you use a Mac.

…sequential steps for troubleshooting sync/connectivity issues with iPhone and your computer.

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its working again thanks,
i was going to reset it but i thought why not try one more time… and it worked. I was sitting here for like 10 mins trying to get it to work, since i do a lot of email and things for this project i have using my phone.

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good its working

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