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Which monetary situation would make you happier?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30398points) April 28th, 2012

Just enough to eek by with a little bit of play?


A large salary with a highly stressful job?

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I’ve had both multiple times. I much prefer ‘B’.

I’d rather have job-stress than can’t pay my bills or save for the future-stress.

I’m currently in scenario ‘A’. If I get this job I’m up for, I’ll be back in ‘B’.

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Definitely B. I am the type of person who almost needs a base line of stress to function. For me, however, just scraping by would be ten times more stressful than having a stressful job, and it wouldn’t be what I define as “good” stress, either.

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It depends. With the former, will I have enough to travel somewhere every year or so?

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A. I’ve been on both sides of this fence too and now days I’d rather live simply and have low stress, life is too short to be in hardcore stress mode. As long as the bills are paid and I can eat, I can happily in-joy just being, instead of doing. I’d rather make $10 an hour in a fun low stress job than $30 an hour in a crazy environment. No thanks. Simplicity rules.

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As I’m currently experiencing financial difficulties, I’m tempted to say B. However, if I get to have a little bit of play, pay the bills, feed myself and do what I love, A works. I don’t ask for much, eh!

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My initial answer is “A”, and I think that’s true for me at this point in my life. However, one of the jobs I enjoyed the most in my career was also the most stressful job I’ve ever had. It was crazy, but I loved the thrill of of the steep learning curve, of pushing myself to keep up. I was younger then, and had more energy.

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The second option.

There are people who gave a lot so I could have options. Those people are going to need help at some point in the near future and I need to have some flexibility if I want to return the favor.

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Both scenarios are stressful in different ways. As much as I enjoyed the problem-solving aspect of all of my jobs in the hotel industry, and some at a high salary, Option A is more attractive.

The SO and I are fairly frugal without lowering the standards of living. He has held the same job with the same company for 25 years because he values the virtually stress-free environment and can leave work without having to think about it until his next shift. His job and simple lifestyle has not left him wanting. The house that he bought a couple of years ago is fully paid off. There is no reason to own a car. National Health covers medical needs. Food and heat are the biggest costs, but he earns enough to cover those and still have money for play. My savings are set aside to supplement retirement. If I get a job again, it would probably be in a low-stress position.

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Probably B. The fact that I’d have little money would probably stress me out. I also like to think I’m okay with dealing with stress.

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Did B. So I could be A. Very happy

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A. I have never understood why people throw away their lives to make more money than they (and their dependents) need.

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The problem for some is that the two are inextricably linked, which is tragic really.
As the well worn cliche goes, money can’t buy you happiness, but stress is a one way ticket to oblivion.

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A – I hate job stress.

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At the moment, I will go with option A. Several years down the line, I may be whistling a different tune.

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B pretty much sounds like my current life. It’s taking it’s toll on my health, but it’s what’s keeping my family afloat and a roof over our head while my husband is terribly underemployed.

Here’s the kicker.. while I’m making the largest salary I’ve ever made in my’s barely enough to pay back the crushing debt we have from the period while my husband was entirely unemployed and I was making just an average salary. So, while I’m making more money than ever…it’s not like I’m getting to spend any of’s all going to pay back months of buying groceries on a credit card years ago.

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B, hands down. I’ve been in both situations and I agree with people above who wrote in preference of not having bills/sustenance worries.

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Here’s a GREAT book I read a few years ago…” Choosing Simplicity” by Linda Breen Pierce
Reading this was a pivotal moment for me in the summer of 2006. Great stories of how people downsized and really began living. I highly recommend it. :-)

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B for a few years so I can enjoy A .

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B. I would rather have some job stress than not be able to pay the bills. That is just the most horrible feeling.

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None of the above.

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A. I’ve done both, and they each create their own kind of stress. With job B, I barely had any time to sleep or take care of myself, but at least there was plenty of money. With job A, I always had to worry about money, but the peace of mind and free time gave me a better quality of life.

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I currently have just enough to eek by but with hardly any play. I don’t want a stressful job not even if it came with a large salary but I would like a bit more play considering I am on such a low salary.

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