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What are things you never thought you would see?

Asked by Charles (4823points) May 1st, 2012

$4 McDonalds hamburgers
A ten cent cup of coffee being sold for $4 at Starbucks.
Going to the mall and seeing two teenaged high school boys affectionately walking hand-in-hand.
Savings accounts only getting 0.03 % interest.
Bread $2.50 a loaf.
Candy bars over a dollar
$2500 TV screens at Wal~Mart
Debt to China and Japan to the tune of Billions.
Getting into another questionable war we didn’t have to fight.
Sexy clothing being promoted for young children.
Rock concerts by performers close to 70 years old.


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Sweden, Crete, Italy, Scotland and other places.

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You just about covered it all in your question and I agree.

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A dead duck in a hotel’s guest laundry room clothes dryer.

I know what you mean though. There were things in the past that evoked surprise or disbelief, but not so much anymore. Wait…here’s one: the pole-dance kit and costume targeted at very young girls.

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The Berlin Wall coming down.
The fall of the Soviet Union.

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A naked blind man climbing a tree.

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I never thought I’d see newspapers disappear. No, nor land-line telephones. Or postal mail, meaning letters written on paper and delivered by a letter carrier for the cost of a postage stamp.

It’s reasonable for new technology to replace old. But there’s also a communications infrastructure that’s been built up over centuries, and I can’t escape the feeling that we could come to really, really regret dismantling it.

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I used to dream about travelling…anywhere. We had no money when I was a child and only ever went camping once. I never thought I’d get the chance to see the world.

So far I’ve: driven across Canada and the northern U.S., been many places throughout Mexico and the Caribbean, and been to England and Belgium. And I’m not done yet.

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The return of the whole birth control debate that was settled in the 1960s.

A return to illegal abortions because of asinine state laws.

A return to the racist attitudes that existed in the 1950s.

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@elbanditoroso A great big “yes” on that! I never thought I would see America regress to this extent. Society has been diligently working for a hundred years to cast off the opression of the Victorian age, only to have it all returned in one generation. Oh, for the 60’s and 70’s again, when you could say anything you wanted, and smoke wacky tobaccy without going to prison!

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I have been having great fun with my converted electric bike that has hit 35 mph. I never even thought that I would have an electric bike let alone one that will do over 30.

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@Ron_C I love those bikes. If I didn’t have a Yamaha scooter I would probably get one.

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@rooeytoo we used to have a Yamaha scooter but it was too much trouble so I gave it to a neighbor and bought a conversion kit for my old bike.

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@Ron_C – I have almost 15,000km on mine and the only thing I have ever done is have it serviced every 5,000km. It is a 100cc BeWe 2 stroke. I know they make a little 50CC they call a bug or somesuch and I understand that is not as reliable. I love mine! It has oversized wheels and a higher clearance than most scooters, that is why I chose it. I have done quite a bit of off road riding with it, it is one tough little machine! Here is a pic of it in the spear grass somewhere in the NT of oz. Thank goodness for the GPS or I might still be trying to find my way out!

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@rooeytoo that is nothing like ours. It was a 50 cc shaft drive and it was very difficult to remove the rear wheel to change tires. Besides, we could only use it for about 4 months where we live. I like electric, it always starts and doesn’t stink like the 2 cycle.

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I go so fast the stink and noise never catch up, heheheh!

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