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Which longboard should I buy?

Asked by xTheDreamer (897points) May 2nd, 2012

Hi, I’m going to start longboarding but I am not quite sure what board to buy. I do know what type of riding styles I’ll be doing:
– Cruising.
– Commute.
– Probably some small tricks and a little bit of dancing/cross step.

I’ll be buying my board at a place called Sickboards in The Netherlands and I’m thinking of spending €100 – €200.

Can anyone of you help me pick out my board?
Maybe you guys can check out their website and let me know which one(in the price range €100 – €200) would be good and why.

Thanks beforehand!

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So, go to the site, do a comparison and write you a detailed recommendation and sell you on the idea?
No, I can’t do that.

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I’d read some of the reviews on Amazon to find out what deck size is best for what you want to do. You’ll see the pintails are the top-rated here.

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Globe Pinner Green – Complete € 149.95
Globe Chromantic Sea – Complete € 139.95
Globe Chromantic Fluro Orange – complete € 139.95
Globe Tracer Black – Complete € 129.95

The best one i liked because i am young student
Tracker Classic Wing Cruizer – Complete € 114.95

Hope it helped :D

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The one i like you can do Tricks, Cruising, Commute,and much more! :D

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@saylo_0 Hey thanks for helping! Makes it a bit easier for me to make a decision :D

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