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Do you let your teens or young adult children smoke or do illegal drugs in your home?

Asked by jca (35974points) May 4th, 2012

A friend of mine was telling me tonight that her teenage sons smoke weed in the house, and it bothers her. She said her son had his friends over and she got mad and told him he should go to their house and smoke, and he said the other kids’ parents don’t like it and won’t let them do it there. It made me wonder how common it is for parents to allow their children to smoke pot or do other stuff in the house.

Do you let your teens or young adult children smoke or do illegal drugs in your home?

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Good god no. I’m the house that all the my son’s friends come to as well. We often have 6 or 7 teenage boys in our basement. They don’t seem to mind my rules. Actually, those are their rules. They all made a pact to not smoke, do drugs or drink and, so far, they’ve all stuck to it.

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I don’t have kids, but the day I do they would be allowed to smoke weed in the house if they end up deciding to smoke the stuff.

Obviously if I was a parent I would want the best for my kids, and would do what I could to make sure they don’t end up smoking weed.

However, I smoked weed for 11 years and I know for a fact that I would not be able to stop them smoking it if they want to, the more you confront them the more they will hide it. So, they will either smoke it or they wont.

As I mentioned I would want the best for my kids, and thus would not want them to smoke, but if they do smoke it I would still want the best for them, and the best would be making sure that they have a place to smoke it without the cops giving them any bother.

So yea, the kids are smoking weed, but better that than having them in prison for smoking weed and being exploited in to prison based slave labour for something that should be legal anyway. Let them smoke it in the house.

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I don’t allow smoking any substance in my home. My son, who is not a kid by any stretch of the imagination, goes for a daily walk when he visits and I know he has been smoking weed when he gets home, but he knows better than to do it in the house. I don’t mention it. Nor does he.

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We don’t let anyone smoke in our house, regardless of who they are.

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No smoking in the house although they have been known to sneak – they think blowing the smoke out the window will keep me from smelling it.

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I’ve had several friends who smoked weed with their parents, but I never had it like that, my mom gets freaked out about seeing me smoke a cigarette, she would trip the fuck out and beat my ass if I tried to get high in front of her lmfao. I can see the appeal of just giving the kids a safe environment to experiment in, because i remember all of the huge risks I took back in the day to get high. I don’t want my son to make those same mistakes. I still have a few years to decide how to handle that situation, since he’s only 6 right now.

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My mom was one of those moms. My first hit off a joint was with her, and she bought all the alcohol for my parties when I was a teenager. At the time, I thought she was the coolest. Now I think, what the fuck was she thinking???

If my oldest child (18 in less than two months) smoked cigarettes, I’d be very disappointed, but would allow her to smoke in front of me. (I am a smoker, but have always told my kids it’s the biggest mistake I ever made in life.) Her 14 and 16 year old sisters would have to wait until they were 18 or thereabouts. I would not allow them to smoke weed/use drugs in my home.

I am greatly conflicted right now about alcohol. The oldest will be going to college this fall, and aside from a sip of champagne she snuck at age 13 (I didn’t find out til years later), has never had a drink. Frankly, I’m concerned that her first drinking experiences are going to occur when she is far from home, unable to call on us for help should she need it. In my head, I’ve been wondering if I should expose her to small amounts of alcohol at home. I’m at war with myself over this idea.

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No one – No way, not even wine or beer for the underage.

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Not a chance in hell. I would prefer them to get fucked up by the river and drive home.

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No. I wasn’t a lazy parent that allowed bad behavior because I was too wussy to take a stand, nor was I concerned with being the best friend kinda parent. I don’t respect pushover parents.

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As far as my mom knows, cigarettes have been my only vice. What your kids tell you, and what your kids do, are 2 VERY different things. I have never met a teenager that wouldnt lie to their parents.

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Absolutely not.

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Never! I like to think (no, I’m not on drugs), that I have given my daughter the information AND resources to make a good decision. She’s in college, and knows that a lot of what she does now, can screw up the rest of her life.

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You may not be able to stop them, but if you allow them to do it in front of you, you’re condoning their behavior.

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I don’t have kids but I do have nephew and nieces and no I would not let I consider my self a good uncle and kool or not I’m that one person they look up too and stand my ground on issues that sometimes come my way.,and doing drugs is one thing I don’t want around my family so they know when they come in My home there are rules they have to abide by or else.

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