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Craft question: how to make a pompom kitty?

Asked by ccrow (8087points) May 6th, 2012

When I was oh, 10–11 or so, someone gave me the cutest little pompom cat; its tail was a long pompom, or so I thought. But how could you make a long, vs. round, pompom? Or would you have to attach round ones in a line, and trim them to the right shape? I want to make some kitties for grandkids, so I thought I would inquire of the Flutherverse and see if anyone knows pompom secrets…

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Here is how to make a pom pom cat.

Here is how to make pom poms.

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Thanks, @marinelife :-) I know how to make the pompoms, and have various sizes of the little plastic gizmos for that. The one I had didn’t have a tail like in your link, made of strands of yarn, but a long, pompom tail. That’s the part I want to figure out.

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The only way I can think of to make a long pompom is to cut the yarn very long, and use a lot more yarn than usual.

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This site not only gives you instructions on how to put them together but it also shows how to make the pom pons

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