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I took 2 pregnancy tests, both came out negative. Could there still be a chance?

Asked by mariha (9points) May 8th, 2012

I feel like I am, even though I’m too young. I’m afraid there still might be a chance. They were urine tests.

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How old are you if I may ask? The reason I ask about your age is that if you have just started having your periods, they may not be on a monthly cycle yet. You may just be missing your periods because of your age.
The tests are usually very accurate. How long after having intercourse did you take the tests? If it was several days after or even weeks after, chances are you are not pregnant.

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Where in your cycle were you at when you tested? Was your period already late or was it before your period was due? If your period was already late and you were having regular periods before this, the test is most likely correct. That being said, there are a lot of reasons your period can be late. If you are really concerned that you may be pregnant, you should discuss it with someone you trust and talk to a doctor.

If you don’t want to get pregnant, you need to be responsible if you are going to have sex. You need to use protection. If you can’t get protection, don’t have sex. If you can’t talk to your parents about it, perhaps you could try talking to the school nurse or another adult you trust. Depending on where you live, you may be able to get protection (condoms and birth control) on your own. Good luck!

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To be sure the tests are accurate, you need to use them one week after you have missed your period.

Also, use them first thing in the morning for the highest concentration of hormone.

If those were the circumstances you used them in and the results were negative, then you are not pregnant.

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Too young? Do you mean you doubt you are pregnant because you are young? As long as you had sex and ovulate you can get pregnant.

You can get a false negative if there is not enough hormone. This happens either because you tested to early or it is a chemical pregnancy that is failing. Or, it is a true negative and you are not pregnant.

The people above who asked where you are in your cycle are asking the key question. Are you already late with your period? Then most likely you are not pregnant. If you just had sex a few days ago and are just nervous and have not missed a period yet, then you have to test again.

What day of your cycle did you have sex? Start counting day one of your last period. How many days are your cycles? Meaning how many days from the first day of your period to the next first day of your period.

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Sweety, do you have your period yet? How long have you had your period? Is it regular?

The urnin tests are checking for a hormone that starts quite early after conception, but I believe it recommends about a week after your period was due or a week after you had sex. Here is a website you should read:

The important thing it explains is that the hormone doesn’t start getting produced by your body until the fertilized egg embeds into the lining of your womb and that can be 6 days after it is fertilized.

If you have any questions about what you read on there, send me a message, OK?

Be careful, hon. Don’t let someone pressure you into doing something you aren’t ready for. Talk to an adult you trust.

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It is pretty accurate the day you miss your period actually, unless it is a bad pregnancy.

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It can be accurate a week before your period is due as well. It depends when she ovulated and when she had sex. In a woman’s body, sperm can live for up to five days depending on the conditions, so if you have unprotected sex even a few days before you ovulate, there is a chance of a pregnancy. Once fertilized, it implants itself into the womb and the hormone starts being produced.

Women don’t usually notice anything until their bleeding doesn’t begin, that is why they suggest leaving it for a week and then doing the test, but it can show a positive result even before that time.

If the poster is so young that her cycles aren’t monthly and are still irregular, it will be more difficult to measure the time.

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@cazzie We do need to know if she is regular, I agree. I was regular from my first period. The HCG needs to be at least 20 for it to show up on the test. Most times it is at that level a few days before a due period, but not always. How long sperm live is less relevant than when she ovulated. You can only get pregnant about 24 hours during a woman’s cycle.

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What conditions would be necessary for sperm to survive five days in a woman’s body?

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Moisture and pH level needs to be ‘sperm friendly.’

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