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Does anyone know what the PowerPoint 2010 font equivalent is for the "Sketchy theme" font on

Asked by bongo (4297points) May 8th, 2012

I am trying to make a presentation on however it does not allow you to do italic writing within text. This is a huge problem for me being a biologist and so am looking to incorporate my text as images instead of text on the presentation but would like to be able to match my fonts where I have inserted text. Does anyone know the name of a font equivalent to (or very similar to) the “sketchy” theme on so that my slides look neater and link together better?
Alternatively does anyone know how I can add in italic text within my writing for species names?

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Here’s a list of fonts on Prezi

Not sure which are used in “Sketchy” theme because I can only find one shot of it.

If that’s it, then they are

Annie Use Your Telescope


Love Ya Like A Sister

Neither of which offers italics.

Maybe another font would work better if you need readable italics as well. From the list I’d say Serifa which is a block serif would fit, and offers italics.

Also, it looks like they build italics in for several of the fonts. If they aren’t available with the built in tools you might try the CSS Editor and just add a line with

font-style: italic;

to whichever portions you need it in.

Good luck with your presentation.

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