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What can you laugh at now that in the past would have made you mad?

Asked by Cruiser (40421points) May 8th, 2012

Things change, people change, life changes for us or maybe we just mellow with age. What can you laugh at that in the past made your blood boil?

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When cellphones first arrived on the scene, it really irritated me for a person to talk so loud, that it interferred with my personal space. I did not want to hear their personal business or domestic fights they were having. Many times, I would approach the loud talker and ask them to lower thier voice or move to another location.

After about four years, this does not bother me near as much as before.

I just turn off my hearing aids and smile.

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Most everything my mother does, really.

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my reflection

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My ex-wife. I hated her for being who she is, and I hated myself for letting her in my life. But it’s only a bad mistake now, and things could’ve been worse. People make worse mistakes than I’ve made all the time, lol.

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When I was in college (a mere two years ago) I rode a bike to all of my classes. It used to annoy me to no end that some people really did not know how to ride a bike properly and follow the rules. I can’t tell you how many times I saw people cut straight across a bike circle instead of going around. Or people who just tossed their bike on the ground and locked its tire to the bike rack instead of actually putting it in a slot and locking it the right way (this bugged me because they’d end up leaving their bike strewn across about six spaces where other people could have locked a bike).
Now I’ve graduated, and although I still work on campus, I don’t need to travel to other buildings as much and no longer need to bike around campus. And now that I’m not in that mess, it’s actually a bit funny to watch people nearly cause a pileup in a roundabout because they don’t know how to (or don’t care to) use it the right way.

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Middle school

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erectile dysfunction

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Children. Children used to annoy the ever lovin’ shit out of me.

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Almost everything. When I got married 6 years ago, it was a “primitive” wedding at the lake. When I went to change out of the dress I got married in, into the clothes I was going to wear to the reception, I found a clump of bushes by the lake to hide in so no one could see me. I stripped down to my underwear, pulled on my shorts, and just as I pulled my shirt over my head I glanced out toward the lake….and there was a boat with about 6 young people on it, just sitting there, drinkin beer, watching me and grinning. I would have DIED 20 years ago. That time I just bowed and they gave me applause and toasts. Didn’t bother me a bit.

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Gandhi’s flip flops.

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Most things my children do. I don’t feel as much pressure to be a perfect mom now that I see they are all on good tracks.

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@tranquilsea From stormysea to tranquilsea?

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People challenging me or threatening me.

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@mazingerz88 Actually throughout much of their early childhood my ID was tempestuoussea lol.

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Boyfriend drama in middle school.

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