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Empty entries in a mysql/php5 site database,... why?

Asked by manuel_alarcon (294points) May 8th, 2012

Hi, Ive been developing a couple of sites with plain php5 and mysql locally on my local testing server and checked that the queries and the database work ok so everything runs smoothly when i upload the site to the final online server; but occasionally Ive found empty rows on my tables; Now, I got no programmer formation, Ive been learning my way through several years in the webdesign business. But after testing the site daily i cant figure what may be wrong,... i think maybe theres a latency in the server, or maybe i lack of a programming style that avoids such “gaps” to happen…

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How are you migrating the database? What are you using to export and import?

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I do a simple sql export and import between the local and online phpmyadmin; but the problem is with the new records that are being created

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After the export are they there if you open the the sql file in a text editor?

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no, I have no problems importing the database or creating new records using phpmyadmin; the gaps appear when the site is live. but the odd thing is that those gaps come from form pages that have validation on them, or default values on the script; yet rows without any data appear from time to time; thats why i think it may be some kind of lag,... or something like that… and thats because i also think i may lack the “coding sintax” or something to avoid those gaps or lags…

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