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Will the side effects go away?

Asked by Reggz (149points) May 9th, 2012

I have been taking Wellbutrin for a week and the side effects (crying fits, excessive sweating, racing heart, etc) are driving me nuts. Will the side effects lessen or go away eventually? I’ve talked to 3 of my doctors today, including the prescriber, and none of them seem to know.

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I’m very glad to hear that you called your doctors. But wow! The doctors don’t seem to know if the symptoms will go away or they couldn’t be sure? Did they discuss changing medications for you? Did they lay out a course of action if the side effects didn’t go away, how long you should wait? If not, maybe you need new doctors.

Anyway, the symptoms may not go away. I took Wellbutrin for a month maybe 6 weeks and had to off it because of the side effects. I’m trying to remember what they all were, it was a long time ago, but I didn’t tolerate Wellbutrin very well at all and the side effects were disabling and uncomfortable enough for me to have to go off it. I don’t remember crying fits, I don’t think that was a side effect, but I remember it made me incredibly anxious and agitated, dry mouth too maybe?

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In my personal experience, yes, side effects of medication do go away with time. Some of them took up to 4 weeks to lessen, but they did go away.

It’s an excellent thing you called your doctors but very disappointing that they did not know the answer to your questions.

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I think you should stop taking it, but I am not a doctor. What I do hear coming through loud and clear in your words is you are very uncomfortable with the side of effects of the medicine. On your last question I mentioned the doctors might suggest sticking with the med for 5–6 weeks to see if the side effects go away. Unfortunately it is up to you to decide, the doctors probably won’t make the decision for you. They can’t know what will happen, because each person is different. You know if the side effects are very bad and intolerable. Did you directly ask your prescribing doctor to prescribe something else? Know that this type of drug should not be stopped without weaning off. This soon it probably will not matter as your levels are still low (but you should still get advice from your doctor how to stop the drug if you decide to stop) the longer you take it, the more important you stop taking under the direction of a doctor.

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I’ve never taken Wellbutrin, but I take an SSRI and I had some side effects at first (jitteriness, mostly), which did go away with a bit of time.

I’m glad you talked with your doctors, but I wish they had had more helpful answers for you. If the side effects are really awful, it might not be worth trying to wait it out, and you can ask to be put on a different medication instead.

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It’s hard to say. I’ve never been on Wellbutrin, but have been on meds (and taken myself off when doctors haven’t listened to me) where the side effects greatly outweighed any benefits (if there were any).

The doctors didn’t say to lower the dose or to build up to the dose you’re currently taking?
If this happened to me, I’d call the pharmacists and ask for assistance.

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According the the forum I linked you to yesterday, the excessive crying does go away. Several of the people said their providers told them that it was their numbness going away and being in touch with their feelings again.

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