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What cities are unfairly coupled?

Asked by filmfann (44675points) May 10th, 2012

A lot of advertisements in the Bay Area are for vacationing in Reno/Tahoe. Now, Tahoe is beautiful, and has lots of activities. Reno is pretty much gambling only. These two towns shouldn’t be constantly referred to as if they were the same place. They are night and day.
Can you think of others?

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Do they have to be geographically close?

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Seattle/Tacoma So very different!

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Akron and Canton.

They both used to be midwest industrial towns (Akron – rubber, Canton – bearings). When big industry left, Akron spent money and developed technology centers, cultural attractions, a good orchestra, museums, and a bunch of research facilities. And it’s a nice place to live.

Canton just sort of sat there and put a new coat of paint on the Football Hall of Fame.

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If they’re served by the same airport (as Seattle & Tacoma are) then it makes sense to market the same destinations together. Otherwise I agree with @filmfann.

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Albany, Troy and Rensselaer, NY…a big hodge-podge separated by strip malls.

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Minneapolis/St.Paul. A river separates the two, but don’t ever call a St.Paulite a Minneapolisian and vice versa.

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Toledo and Cleveland.

They both suck… and pairing them just makes them sound worse.

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A work instructor I met this week said Dallas and Fort Worth are polar opposites. One is big city, the other very rural. He said Fort Worth was full of good ole boys.

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