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Most remote, isolated towns in the US?

Asked by hTownDude (178points) December 27th, 2008

What small towns in the US are furthest from any urban area?

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I’ve been in Hays.
That’s 4 hours drive from Kansas City.
That’s HUGE for a Brit like me.

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Probably someplace in Alaska.

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I’d guess Barrow, Alaska.

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Isn’t there some town somewhere at the base of the Grand Canyon that you can only access by donkey?

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Where was the movie “Wrong Turn” filmed?

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Terlingua, TX is pretty good escape ‘town’.

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Angle Inlet, Minnesota or anywhere eles in Northeren Minnesota is very remote. The only way to get to Angle Inlet is to drive throught Canada, by plane, or cross Lake of the Woods. Its the farthest North you can go in the lower 48.

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Edna Bay, Alaska ( Population of about 50 on a remote Alaskan island, 60 miles west of the continental mainland, with no means of access other than private boat or seaplane. Closest town with services such as banks, restaurants, lodging, doctors, etc, is Craig, Alaska which is a 40 mile trip by boat south from Edna Bay through waters that can get very rough when the weather picks up – which can happen often. You can’t get much more remote than this in the USA.

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Jarbidge Nevada is 60 miles by dirt road from the nearest town, which is a one store crossroads.

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creed and crestone, colorado as I recall.

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I’ve been to Creed, Colorado and Crestone, Colorado. We asked the waitress, “do you like living here?” and she goes, “not particularly.” She wasn’t smiling.

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Another Nevada candidate is Midas, which, like Jarbidge, is in Elko County.
In the East, Clayton Lake, Maine is miles from nowhere.
In Alaska, the community of Gordon is extremely remote.

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Would Mobile, Alabama count?

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The US Census Map for 2000 states the ten least populated areas of United States are:
1. Loving TX (67 people)
2. Kalawao HI (147 people)
3. King TX (356 people)
4. Kenedy TX (414 people)
5. Arthur NE (444 people)
6. Petroleum MT (493 people)
7. McPherson NE (533 people)
8 San Juan CO (558 people)
9. Blaine NE (583 people)
10. Loup NE (712 people)

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