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What is something specific about the town you now live that might interest or impress me?

Asked by ucme (50037points) October 28th, 2019

Either in its history or how pretty it is or whatever springs to mind.
Go on, big up your community!

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If you are a fish or just love water, this is the place to be.

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@lucillelucillelucille Just don’t jump into it right?

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Free live music almost any night of the week and a big beautiful boardwalk to walk along the ocean by.

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@janbb You paint an attractive picture.

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It was a Pony Express stop, last horse switch before the riders caught the ferry to San Francisco.

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Our city is about 3000 people and looks a bit like a Norman Rockwell painting. And we’re on historic Rt 66. We even have a local elderly lady who is a bit eccentric, walks around turning her back to vehicles, won’t talk to hardly anyone, and the entire town protects her as much as we can.

Not only did the roads start as wagon trails from St Louis, but the original well/ stagecoach home is still standing, that they all used. They say it never went dry, even in drought.

We also have the Trail of Tears (Cherokee’s) thru town. Interestingly enough, our city had one man who married into and was accepted by the tribe, which is the only reason our city was alllowed to be settled.

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@zenvelo Cool, love towns with a colourful history.

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@KNOWITALL Love it, feels like the old west where men were men & women were, well…scared? lol

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The accommodations the city has devised for its fire department, and the engineering marvels defining them.

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@ucme haha In rural places like ours and further out, no help was (or is) readily available so they handled it on their own.

One of the articles (1899) is about how all the men in town went to a Woodsman meeting a town over, a huge fire broke out and the women had to save the town by wetting blankets and spreading out to cover all the buildings.

We have a lot of cool stories.

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For a while we had the most strip clubs per capita.

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The city was host to the world’s largest tobacco auctions for many years, at one time there was 12 different banks downtown to handle all the money, all cash.

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A thousand years ago my city wasn’t part of Vietnam at all. It belonged to a nation that is known today as Cambodia. The ancient Vietnamese kingdom only consisted of what is Hanoi today and the nearby regions. So at one point a king decided to expand their territory and went south. My history textbook didn’t elaborate how they did that, the details were very vague, but they managed to defeat the nation down south and claimed their land. If that part of history hadn’t happened, I would be a Cambodian, not a Vietnamese. That nation managed to cultivate a beautiful culture though, and today people are preserving what is left of the nation. Today you can visit a musem specialized in the culture near the Dragon Bridge.

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At any time of the day or night you can stand in my back yard and pee and no one will call the police.

According to FBI statistics, for towns over 75,000 people for several years ours had the lowest crime rate in America.

We have a magnificent Wildlife Management Area next to beautiful Lake Ontario.

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We are directly in the middle of a migrating bird flyway as they rest up fro their flights across Lake Ontario. We are blesses with spectacular skies for birdwatchers.

Sometimes flocks of geese fly over at tree top level – so low you can hear the beating of their wings. It’s magical.

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Still my home town, I’ll be back after I can get one of the golden jobs that need a bachelor degree.
Dark sky festival jasper, in Alberta.
In 2011, Jasper was designated as a Dark Sky Preserve by the Royal Astronomical Society in Canada, due to its limited light pollution that creates ideal conditions for dark sky viewing.

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