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Ideas on how to dissuade spiders from hanging out?

Asked by fluthernutter (6323points) May 10th, 2012 from iPhone

We’ve got one of these in our backyard. Our kid loves it. Only thing is that spiders seem to love it too—especially the periscope.

Any ideas on how to dissuade spiders from hanging out in there?

I obviously don’t want my kid hanging out with a bunch of pesticides. I’ve tried directing the sprinklers right down the chute, but that doesn’t seem to faze them at all.

I spray it out when I get a chance. And I clear out the cobwebs and take a preliminary peek before giving the okay. Even still, my poor kid has this puffy bite on her bottom eyelid. I think it’s from that darn periscope. :(

I’ve heard of natural spider repellents. But do they work outdoors? With rain and sprinklers, etc?

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I would spray it with a Disinfectant spray before every use. That solves two issues at the same time.

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I’m thinking covers on either end would solve the problem. Try socks or panty hose feet & an elastic maybe.

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Send me your address and I will ship you a herd of Alligator and Blue Belly lizards from the lizard capitol of the world, Colomas house. lol
Maybe hang some rubber lizards around the zone. Decoy predators.
When I had chickens I used to put rubber snakes around the trees so they wouldn’t scratch out dirt baths at the bases of my trees and plants.

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Hedge apples will keep spiders away.

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I like the sock idea. Dust cover would work too.

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Apparently spiders don’t much like citrus. You could wipe it over with some lemon oil or squeeze lemons/limes and mix the juice with a bit of water and spray it around.

They are also supposed to not like eucalyptus and lavender oil but you have to be careful about using such oils around any pets.

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I just find a stick in the yard to clear spiders off our play set. Knock down the webs and hopefully the spiders will relocate. It only takes a minute, and if I miss some the kids will point it out.

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Need to destroy their home a few times before they relocate (not like humans in flood zones)

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We keep a little broom by our play things. That way our son learns to clean, then play.

The battle with spiders will be ongoing since there are approximately one million spiders per acre and they like to set up shop and rest in the little holes of the play structures.

I suggest tolerance.

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@YARNLADY I’m not concerned about dirt and germs. I just don’t want my kid to get spider bites.

@tacres Great idea! I really like the idea of using some type of physical barrier. I think I’m going to put some plexiglass at each end. (Won’t take away from the visibility.)

@Coloma I like entertaining natural alternatives, but those suckers leave a lot of poop. Lizard poop is better than spider bites. Still. Trying not to trade one issue for another.

@bkcunningham I like the idea of a plant that will naturally repel spiders. But I don’t think we have room for a tree. Cool factoid though.

@RocketGuy Me too!

@Bellatrix I had read about that. But wasn’t sure how effective it’d be outdoors without constant reapplication. What’s the concern with these natural oils and pets?

@Sunnybunny I already do that each time we use it. And she still got a spider bite. :( I think she’s too young (two) to point it out to me just yet.

@RocketGuy Their homes are disturbed every morning when our sprinklers come on. And we destroy them every chance we get. They’re persistent little buggers!

@SpatzieLover If it were just a matter of sharing space, I’d be down with tolerance. But she’s getting spider bites from using the periscope. :(

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Some animals can be allergic to some essential oils (I believe). However, lavender and eucalyptus are often recommended to deter fleas as well. Lemon should be fine I think. If you can spray it on the underside where the spiders are mostly likely to hide, it might be protected somewhat from the elements.

Spider bites are not a good thing.

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@fluthernutter, hedge apples are a decorative fruit that come from an osage orange tree. The fruit can be purchased separately from the tree. I wasn’t recommending that you plant a tree. I use to keep the fruit in bowls around the house. They last for months.

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@bkcunningham Apples from orange trees. I love it!

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@fluthernutter Spiders hate disinfectant spray, and with the stuff floating around in the air today, you can’t go wrong using it on toys.

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@YARNLADY She’s really the only kid that plays on it. Our neighbors’ kids sometimes come over. Germs aren’t that big of a concern in this situation. Plus, I think too much disinfectant probably isn’t too great in the long run.

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