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What is the correct way to describe this font?

Asked by pallen123 (1519points) May 13th, 2012

Whether it is cursive or not, this type of font that has a hollow center (outlined edge)—is there a way to correctly describe the whole class of fonts to someone without just saying “A font with a hollow center or outline”?

In the second link it is the band name “Popsicko”

We’re looking for a similar font for a logo and we’re having a hard time finding others to consider. I was hoping that we could determine the correct font-vernacular way of describing this font so we could search for alternatives. We’re looking for a playful but iconic font for our logo.


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Sorry, can’t see your links. Post an image file and I can likely help you.

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I’m not sure how to post an image file @cprevite

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Here’s another example of the type of font we’re looking for. Don’t know how to find it or describe it…

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The first link doesn’t work for me but the second one does. The only one I’m pretty sure about is that the font would be referred to as “outlined.” That might be a place to start. And I don’t know if there is an official term for “crooked”, I got some hits searching on crooked fonts. But you might search under that too, though it seems there is a font called “Crooked” and you might encounter that one a lot on that search.

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@pallen123 O.K. it looks like you may be searching for outlined fonts. Try here

Edit: Those fonts are in black and white but if you have Microsoft Word you can fill in the fonts with any color you want in Word Art and there may be other ways to do it too.

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Here is the Channel font—the first link that was broken

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Sorry the link is busted again.

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I’m not the expert here, but it seems to me that what you want is not so much a specific font as a treatment of a font. I think an outlined version of a font can be produced from the font itself. I’ve done it myself in a makeshift sort of way; I imagine a graphic designer can tell you which fonts might lend themselves to that treatment.

[Edited to add] P.S. You might want to know that your editing window for a post remains open for about ten minutes, so you can add to it or change it without creating a string of separate posts. You’ll see a link “Edit this response” below it in red for as long as you can still make changes.

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@pallen123 is this the font you’re trying to link to? The Channel font?

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And @Jeruba is right, you can create an outlined font out of other fonts. This is something you can also do in Microsoft Word

You can do it with a number of graphics programs too, like Photoshop, but you might want to try Gimp which is similar to Photoshop if you’re not familiar with it. It’s a great program and it costs about $700 less than Photoshop as Gimp is completely free! :-)

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