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Will Incarcerex actually win our War on Drugs?

Asked by ETpro (34425points) May 14th, 2012

This question refers to this YouTube Incarcerex video defining the fictional new wonder drug that cures politician’s anxiety about reelection. Thanks largely to our failed War on Drugs, the USA now leads the entire world in the percentage of our citizens locked up in our increasingly privatized prison industry. And remember, even if locking ‘em up is making some CEO and a few large investors rich, it’s the US taxpayers paying for it. Privitizing the prison industry doesn’t privatize the cost of incarceration.

How accurate do you think the Incarcerex video’s humor is? Is the cost of the War on Drugs actually justified by the harm legalization/regulation/treatment would exact on society? Or is the War on Drugs really more about politicans sounding tough on crime than it is about saving society from the horrors of marijuana? Is it time for the US to switch from Incarcerex to Ad Iudicium?

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The mere fact that we use the terminology “War” cancels itself out. The “War” on drugs, the “War” on crime, the “War” against poverty. Nope, “War” never solves anything.

Has the ” War” on crime made any difference in the last 30 years?
In the 1980’s there were only 300,000 incarcerated, by 2000 and something the criminal population has expanded to over 3,000,000. “War crimes” have increased the penal systems expansion, but done nothing to SOLVE the problem other than fill up our jails to capacity.
“War” is never the solution, yet we keep insisting on waging war, instead of waging enlightenment.

War and education are mutually exclusive.

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Your politicians seem to be allergic to prolonged (> 5 minutes) exposure to clear thinking.

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I thought the Incarcerex video was funny and too true. I think we should legalize and tax – look at all the lost tax revenue because of the drugs sold underground.

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Lol it’s cute and funny.

The War on Drugs isn’t just about marijuana. It’s about institutional racism. And the Prison Industrial Complex isn’t just a problem because of drugs, it’s a problem because our immediate reaction to any rule-breaking is to lock someone up. If we stopped the War on Drugs, we still have an Incarcerex problem.

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I agree with @bewailknot – we should legalize & tax the drugs. All the War on Drugs has accomplished is filling our prisons up with mostly minority individuals (I also agree with @Aethelflaed , it IS about institutional racism & the For Profit Prisons).

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Watch the George Carlin bit on the death penalty – if we executed the bankers laundering the drug money he proposes illegal drug sales would fall.

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Oh lord, it’s all a game, anyone that knows anything knows this.

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It’s fairly apt, and it’s probably not even a joke to the humor-impaired. It’s about how they think. The USA is a country of busybodies, and the war on drugs is a reflection of that. The conservatives are afraid people will derive pleasure from drugs, and the liberals think you shouldn’t use drugs for your own damn good. Business interests are either cowed into being afraid of drug use, or they actively profit from private prisons or other inbound logistics of the prison-industrial complex. All the cops that flood the street, all the prosecutors, and the prison guards are direct recipients of wealth transfers from the general public, and they’re all gonna vote to keep their jobs.

And without considering how crypto-fascists feel about the matter.

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@Coloma It is truly time for the War on war. If we have to live with constant absurdity, let’s go full tilt.

@Dr_Lawrence Sadly it seems so. As is much of our electorate. Kinda goes hand in hand. Fortunately, if the totally screw the electorate long enough, the sleeping f***ers wake up.

@Aethelflaed & @Linda_Owl That’s it. It’s the new Jim Crow. 20 year mandatory sentence and when the poor sap gets out it is impossible to get a job, so they become a dealer.

@bewailknot Amen. Here’s a link to that. It’s totally hilarious and totally true.

@Coloma Sadly true. Stupidity doesn’t bother me much till it starts destroying lives and killing people.

@bolwerk Here’s Carlin ranting on the absurdity of calling Republicans the Law and Order types. He comes to the conclusion they are indeed the current fascists. As he said, “They’re against street crime… as long as it isn’t Wall Street.”

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