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How do you deal with a boss who is always in a bad mood?

Asked by mrlaconic (3985points) May 15th, 2012

My boss is a nice person but he is always in a bad mood. Most days he comes into the office already in a bad mood. On a rare occasion he will be in a good mood at the start of the day but goes from zero to sour pretty quick.

My work environment is very fast moving and high stress. He hasn’t been here as long as me and I think part of the problem is that he inherited a lot of stuff that he wasn’t really expecting. I have offered to help him but that usually doesn’t get anywhere and if I ask him about specific things he snaps at me.

I am not really sure how to deal with this because I feel like it gets worse every day and it really makes me not want to be here anymore. What do I do? Who should I talk to and how is the best way to approach my concern.

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I don’t understand why you refer to him as a nice person. He doesn’t sound nice.

I have had bosses like that and I just try my best to stay out of their way.

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If it’s a large company take your concerns to HR. If not, follow @jca ‘s plan. Nothing much you can do.

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Quit. Life is too short to suffer the miseries of jerky depressed people. I’m all about being cheery and good natured and even when I’m in a bit of a funk I never take my crappy energy out on others. I’d last about 2 weeks with someone like that and I’d be on the road again. lol

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@jca I called him nice because he is a nice person he’s not mean and he has good intentions. He is just always in a bad mood which makes me in a bad mood. I can’t stay out of his way he sits right across from me.

@Coloma I have been applying for other jobs because I know that is what I need to do. but I haven’t gotten anything yet. And honestly I like my company I would rather try and fix it if I can.

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@mrlaconic Of course, it;s all about what you are willing to put up with. I’m sensitive to others but I cannot be around assholes for long. lol

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I’d also leave.

If this is a significant issue, I’d talk to HR or speak directly to his superior about his supreme attitude problem. You say you’ve been with the company longer. Do you have a good rapport with HR or with his boss?

If I knew I were leaving anyway, I’d probably go ahead and voice my complaint directly to him. Like @Coloma I have a low tolerance for negative behaviors, especially when another is dumping their attitude probelm on me.

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@mrlaconic: Do you ever tell him, or ask him “I am not sure why you’re in a bad mood but please don’t take it out on me.” Try that and see what he says.

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Maybe take him to lunch and tell him you want to discuss your work relationship. Or, just as for a meeting with him. Ask him if there is a better way you can approach him with questions, and tell him how you feel because of his reaction. He can either reassure you he thinks you are fantastic, and apologize for being snappy; or, give you a list of things he doesn’t like about your persnality and work efforts. Then you will know where you stand.

If you have been their longer, and he seems overwhelmed, he might quit himself, and you just have to suffer temporarily.

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Does this guy like brownies? Just wondering.

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@woodcutter LOL…Yep, give the guy a happy brownie, sounds like he could use one. haha

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@Coloma At first the guy might notice something odd feeling but after 10 or 15 he should start noticing himself handling things better. Just don’t load them up with kill or any hot stuff like that. It might turn ugly. Make sure enough people are in on it to walk him through it. That would be cool to watch.

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Found out if he has a favorite candy or snack. Try and buy a big bag of fun size of whatever candy he likes, and when he’s in a bad mood put one on his desk when he gets up. Maybe just knowing he has a friend nearby will help ease his tension at work.

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