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Do you have a boss that is so dense, your colleagues use him/her to get others in trouble and he/she doesn't realize it?

Asked by Mr_M (7586points) February 13th, 2009

I had a boss that my colleagues could go to and get each other in trouble. The boss never realized she was being used. What to do?

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Get a new job?

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Find another job! In general, it’s hard, if not bad etiquette, for an employee to correct a boss about something like this which may be more of a personality issue than a work issue. Telling the boss about the fact that they’re being used may lead to you getting punished or discriminated against, et cetera.

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Write an unanymous note with the issues facing the work environment you’re at .

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I had a boss like that. As soon as possible I found another job.

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