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Can my jeans be altered?

Asked by punkrockworld (960points) May 15th, 2012

I bought a pair of jeans one size too big, I bought a 4 but I’m a 2. Can an alteration place fix it and make the jeans tighter around my waist and legs as well?

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Have you tried washing them in really hot water and drying them on high heat to shrink them? I think they probably can be altered, but it sounds like a lot of work and it might cost you as much as half of what the jeans cost to buy.
If you still have the tags and receipt, take them back.

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Yes, they can be altered. They can be made shorter in the rise as wells as the waist, hips and legs. Thing is, many jeans have elaborate stitching along the seams that’s hard to duplicate. Get the same color and gauge of thread to match the stitching and give it a go.

My normal size is between a 2 and 4 so I can tell you for sure, washing them and drying them won’t shrink them enough to fit well enough to look like 2’s.

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Is the basic overall fit of the jeans good for you? By that, I mean do the hips fit well and does the cut flatter you? Does is hug your curves but just need a little nip in at the waist to fit snug? That might be doable.

Do you want to take in the leg for style or for fit? It may be difficult to change the fit of the leg because most jeans have what is called flat-felled seams. If a tailor tries to take in the seam these have to be ripped and resewn and not only is the thread hard to match but you lose the effect of the prewash if the jeans have any.

I have seen many people nip in the waist by making darts in the back but I really don’t like the look and with so many jeans being fit friendly and made of stretch denim nowadays it just doesn’t make sense at all to do this unless you have the kind of figure that has really full hips and a tiny waist. My advice? Take them back and get something that fits you and flatters you. Jeans are just too challenging to do any major alterations on.

A couple years ago I bought a brand of jeans called Anoname that I discovered was the perfect fit for me. I bought them discount and I got addicted! I found out that had them for $30 instead of $100 and I started buying them up!!! Now they don’t have them anymore but I am all set for a few years, lol. that is, as long as I don’t gain weight, so far, so good
Good luck with your jean odyssey…it really is all trial and error. I am glad that I found the brand I like.

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No even the hips are a little too big :( A 2 would fit me perfectly but they were sold out and I loved them so much that as the shopaholic that I am, I just couldn’t resist.

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punkrockworld Live and learn :) Next time you will resist!!

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I will suggest you to return for exchange that jeans, because i have a doubt that how finely your local tailor can alter it. Altering can make it loose its original finishing.

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