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Do you think smoking is sexy?

Asked by minnie19 (435points) May 17th, 2012 from iPhone

I personally hate it, but smoke cigars every once in awhile… Dont judge :p

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It really depends on who’s smoking but, yes, I have found it to be very sexy in many situations…and part of my sex life, in many other situations…and part of seduction…

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In theory, yes. But that smokey breath turns me off. I’m only referring to cigarettes, though.

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No. I walk away from smoking as fast as I can. I can’t think of anyone I know personally who smokes anymore.

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I find it repulsive. Nothing sexy about it at all.

I smoked for 15 years but quit the nasty habit many years ago.

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Hm, I’m not sure about this one. I don’t like the way it makes all my clothes smell like smoke, if I’ve been in a bar or something and I don’t like the way it makes someone smell only like smoke. But I guess sometimes it can look sexy, yes. Sometimes.

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Absolutely not.

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No. It is disgusting and an instant turnoff.

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Whilst I have seen some hot photos of Angelina Jolie smoking, the people I see on a day to day basis with a fag hanging out of their mouths tend to look more like Frank Gallagher from Shameless.

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Yeah, I love licking a disgusting ashtray. Barf.

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Definitely not.

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Depends on what they are smoking

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It was when Lauren Bacall did it in To Have and Have Not

but smoking killed Bogart. He died of throat cancer which isn’t very sexy.

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Instant turnoff.

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Very sexy. I also have a lot of good memories associated with cigarette smoke, and the smell sends me ino a happy reverie. It’s bad, because I really ought to encourage my boyfriend to quit more than I do.

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Not to me. To each their own, but I don’t think I could date a smoker.

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I smoked for 20 years and never once thought it sexy…though I met my wife when she came up to me to bum a smoke.

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I really don’t. I don’t think people look “cool” doing it, I never have. There’s nothing about it that I find appealing.

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Not at all. I wouldn’t date anyone that smoked.

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Ugghhh, no.

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No. I don’t like the smelly smoke breath, I don’t like the smelly smokey clothes and I don’t like to breathe the stuff.

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It has a sexy aura but it’s not good for you.
Oh well…personally I find asshats to be waaay more repulsive than a cigarette smoker. I won’t defend the habit but one good whiff of bus exhaust is just as bad. lol

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No. It makes me gag, I’m pretty sure I’m allergic to it, and the SMELL!

Sorry, I just went off. But, no. I hate smoking.

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Not even remotely.

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Not only no; Hell no! I will go to great lengths to avoid being anywhere near cigarette smoke.
When I see people smoking and looking “cool” I think of this, and this schmuck. All part of my inability to not think future.

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People covered in carcinogens? Never sexy.

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The smell of stale smoke is disgusting. Absolute turn off. Nothing sexy about it at all.

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No, it’s not the 1950’s, most sane people have a lot more sense now & can see smoking for what it is, a lethal cocktail that leaves your clothes stinking the place out.
About as sexy as a toothless drunk farting in your mouth.

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@ucme About as sexy as a toothless drunk who smokes farting in your mouth I think.

And I’m a smoker. Bring on the hate everyone, I can take it. I am not a criminal or someone with a character defect, I am an addict. Bring it on!

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Nope. Quite the opposite.

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I don’t perceive how smelling like an ashtray and covering others in carcinogenic smoke could ever be classed as sexy…..........

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You can put me on the side of anti-smoking and absolutely not sexy. Subjecting yourself to an addiction like smoking is a character defect, in my opinion. People should know better by now, but people are dumb.

People here in Norway and Sweden also use a disgusting smokeless product that delivers nicotine into their systems in much larger quantities. It is called snus and it stinks too and I absolutely can not kiss someone when they have snus in their mouths. The smell alone makes me nauseous. They pass off the product as being ‘less health risk’ than smoking, but all the people I know who use snus also smoke cigarettes as well, so it is utter bullshit. They are hopelessly at the mercy of a drug and I hope there will be a time soon when we will look back at nicotine addiction and wonder how it ever happened at all and how silly human beings were back then. (I am looking for a radio interview I heard recently about a drug treatment to stop the addiction to opiates and nicotine… but damn it… I can’t find it.)

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@lillycoyote I have no beef with smokers, I smoked myself up until 9yrs ago.
No, my point was directed at the intent of the question, ergo…sexy it certainly isn’t.

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There was a time when they thought is was though.

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About as sexy as people who put a finger to one nostril and blow snot bombs in front of others.

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Oh damn, @Kardamom I’m eating dinner reading that.

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^^ But am I right?

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@Kardamom You might be right but still, Ewwww.

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^^ Ok, here’s another thing that I liken smoking too. Something that is also not sexy, but maybe not as gross as the other example. Have you ever been shopping in the grocery store or at 7–11 and you see someone (in my case it’s always been a woman in her early 30’s that looks like she may have been/or could still be some type of drug addict) and she’s walking around barefoot, and the bottoms of her feet are almost black because they’re so dirty. Dirty feet makes my skin crawl.

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@Kardamom: I’m with ya on that. Walking around barefoot in the city, or in dirt — nasty.

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I disagree. ^^^^^

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come run barefoot in the dirt with me @Dutchess_III. we’ll show em’! :D

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This is what I am talking about. Does anyone find This to be sexy? It makes me want to wretch and dive into a bottle of hand, ahem foot, sanitizer!

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@Kardamom My ex told me one time that is why he didn’t like to watch porn, that the women had dirty feet and it made him sick. This was in the 90’s.

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@Kardamom I don’t find it sexy, but I don’t find it disgusting either. I feel the same way about smoking. It’s not sexy to me, but I don’t dislike smokers just because they do something I don’t find attractive.

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I do find this sexy.

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@SavoirFaire I didn’t say that I didn’t like the actual people who smoke or who let their feet get sooty and greasy (some of them are my loved ones), I don’t like the smoking or the dirty feet and I don’t think either of those things is sexy on anyone.

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@Kardamom I understand. It just seemed to me that the conversation was beginning to blur the line between “I don’t find people who smoke to be sexy” and “I find people who smoke to be disgusting,” so I figured I would take the opportunity to redraw it.

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