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What are some affects with smoking things from a plastic pip or aluminum bowl?

Asked by afghanmoose (554points) December 27th, 2008

recently i experienced my friend throwing up and having powerful head aches the day after he apparently smoked out of a plastic hollow pen and an aluminum pipe. Also he was eating a dessert today and had 2 red bulls at different times and one meal.i googled as much as possible but couldnt really find anything,im betting its the red bull and not enough nutrients and food.

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I have smoked out of everything imaginable and never puked. It was probably bad smoke.

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I’ve gotten headaches from smoking out of plastic. I’ve never thrown up from it though.

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The smell of smoking through plastic is enough to make me vomit. I’ve used a candle in place of a lighter and you can taste the wax, it’s terrible. I would assume that’s the same feeling of smoking through plastic but my assumptions have been wrong before.

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Don’t smoke out of plastic or aluminum. Burning plastic releases toxic gasses which aren’t good for you and aluminum releases aluminum oxide, which supposedly contributes to Alzheimer’s.

I have come up with an innovative solution if you don’t have a real bowl handy and you can’t roll worth shit (like me): Find an empty soda can and pull off the tab. Take a slice of uncooked broccoli stem and carve it so that you can fit it into the mouth of the can but not leave any gaps. If you don’t have any broccoli a carrot might work, but I haven’t tried it. Carve a depression into the vegetable to serve as your bowl, but don’t cut all the way through. Then take a paper clip and poke six or more holes into the veggie bowl. Using a knife, cut a hole on the side of the can close to the top (so that you can see what you are doing when you light up) and cut another small hole somewhere else on the side for the carb.

The moistness of the vegetable will also cool the smoke but it might also make it hard to burn certain substances.

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Aluminium does not contribute to alzheimers. The research that demonstrated that was flawed and has been disproved.

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@lightly: Source? Just for everyone’s sake. :)

I’ve smoked out of a pen pipe once. Just once. I was lightheaded, nauseated. It was gross. I later found out the was a bit of ink in the shaft. And he burnt the pen. So I get the dumbass award for that night. I get headaches whenever I’ve smoked out of a can so after the second time I was over it. Even if the aluminum doesn’t do damage, there are inks on soda cans I’m not willing to mess with.

The internet saved the day when it sent me a beautiful little stone pipe I call Ugga. Because it looks like a caveman carved it. :D

But, well, that only really applied when I smoked weed regularly. Now, not so much.

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The alzheimers research looked at the rate of alzheimers and then compared it to the type of cooking utensils people used. They found that the rate of alzheimers was higher in people who used aluminum pans and spoons.

The Flaw. People setting up home in the 40’s and 50’s had pans and cooking utensils made of aluminum as there was an excess of it at the time (it was literally falling out of the sky at the time). People who set up home later had cooking utensils made of stainless steal. There was more alzehimers in the aluminium group not because of the aluminium but because they were older. Once you correct the statistcs for age there is no difference in alzheimers rates between the aluminium group and the stainless steal group.

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I think the affects you will experience depends on what you are smoking more than what you are smoking it in.

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Plastics release many toxins when exposed to high temperature. The plastics could release hydrogen cynide for one!

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Did the guy smoke directly off plastic? I don’t even see that working.

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Dont smoke out of anything that can release toxins when heated. Stay away from copper as well.

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