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The bodies are starting to pile up- any suggestions on discreet burial locations?

Asked by WillWorkForChocolate (23163points) January 3rd, 2011

So yeah… not smoking makes me even more of a cranky bitch than usual. I may need suggestions of out of the way locations to bury them without getting caught!!

If you had to bury a body, where would you choose? Be as creative and silly as you want!

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What if I really need to use my spot someday? It wouldn’t be wise to share that secret. :)

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In the series Deadwood a favorite method was to feed the body to some pigs. Kind of an early form of “recycling”...yum…I think i’ll have some bacon tomorrow morning.

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@WillWorkForChocolate Hang in there girl, you can do this—I mean the smoking part. As far as the bodies, I still like concrete block tied to the body and dropped into the river.

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Drop them out of a small airplane over The Mall of America?

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@lucillelucillelucille Seems a little expensive though… how much does it cost to rent a plane? LOL

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@lucillelucillelucille Oh hell no, that would be worse than the dead body…

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@WillWorkForChocolate -Just take it one day at a time or rather one minute at a time.That is what I had to do.:)

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Upstate New York. Or, I’d pull a “Dexter,” and the body would be in many pieces on the ocean floor.

By the way, a HUGE congratulations on your accomplishment. It will get easier in time. :)

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I know where there’s an old clay plant with an abandoned large pond. Pefect spot. (I quit 5 years ago!) ;~D

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Dig deeper holes and have a long pig pit roast party!!

ANef_is_Enuf's avatar

Is it wrong that I’m tempted to add “manic killing spree” to my topics of interest?

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Buy enough purple robes for everyone. Dress them.
Take them all to an isoloated part of the park. Draw a small labyrinth in the ground.
Instant cult mass suicide.

a friend of mine swears the Jonestown tragedy was actually the CIA dumping their bodies

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I’ve got plenty of space out here. Even if the body is dug up the coyote will take care of it.

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I love the pig idea personally! Plenty of pig farms out in rural OK.

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Under my floor boards.

Running outta room though.

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Metaphorically speaking, I’d not dispose of any. Instead, I’d hope for zombie rebirth so I could whack out again and again and again!

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Zombie Land was a GOOD movie, but the wood chipper ( aka. Fargo ) is also a viable option.

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@Taciturnu What the heck is wrong with Upstate NY? Ok choc, I’ll show you a few good spots. Hang in there lady. :)

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The little engine that could is running on fumes and rickety ass wheels. This freakin sucks.

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@Adirondackwannabe Nothing at all! But if you’re looking to hide a body (and get your workout in!) burying a body in upstate New York in the middle of winter would be unlikely, no?... Anybody?...

Well, I wouldn’t think to look there.

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@WillWorkForChocolate Hang in there lady.
@Taciturnu I know some pretty deep lakes that aren’t completely frozen over. I also know some very remote woods.

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Um excuse me but did you murder a bunch of people and just ran out of burial locations?

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@hotgirl67 Umm, you’re joking, right? You were asking that to be funny, right?

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If you had a resturant there is also another way to get rid of bodies….......

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I was just being funny. You can always use your Mother’s basement if there are no other places.

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@hotgirl67 I would but we don’t have basements here, darnit!

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If you happen to need a new cement patio, I hear bodies make good fill material…

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